2018 HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador & Campaign Model

2018 HMDA Ambassador
2018 HMDA Ambassador & Model, Aryana, wearing her HMDA pull-over shrug in pink with our ribbons & gems halo.

Aryana Platt is our 2018 Ambassador & Campaign Model (Face of) for HMDA!  Woot Woot!  We are so excited for her!  Aryana is 10 years old, and she has been dancing for seven years and is a competitive (intermediate) dancer. Her favorite classes are Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, and Tumbling. 

Let’s Ask Aryana what her favorite Hotmess Dance Apparel™ products are and about them…

“My favorite Hotmess Dance Apparel™ products are all of them! I especially love the two piece dance outfits. I have seen a green and pink one that I love! It was super cute. I also love the new foot stretcher they have. My favorite colors are glitter, pink, white and gold.

I would love to be the next face of Hotmess and the next ambassador for Hotmess. I love dancing and getting my pictures taken. I basically live in dancewear! I have always wanted to do modeling so what better opportunity than this, three things I love all at once. I really hope I am choosen by Hotmess and I will always represent the company in a happy respectful manner. I cannot wait to hear back on my application! I am so excited!”

The last good book she read: The Magic Tree House (series)

We like glitter too!

Congratulations Aryana!


2018 HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador – Mountain Region

2018 HotMess Dance Apparel Ambassador – Mountain Region. Congrats Daye!

Meet our Mountain Region Ambassador for 2018: Daye Waldner. We are so excited to have Daye on-board! Daye is 18 years old and has been dancing for 5 years.  Her favorite styles are Contemporary and Ballet.  Daye is from the Rocky Mountain Region of the US and lives in the Centennial State, Colorado.

Let’s Ask Daye about her experience with dance…

“I want to teach and share with other girls that you don’t have to have the perfect body or the perfect technique to do something you love and to be good at it.  I was told I couldn’t and shouldn’t dance because I don’t have the ideal body type, and I started too late in dance.  I am not the best technically, but I have passion.  I ignored those naysayers, and I stuck with it and am so glad that I did.  My favorite colors are purples, pinks, and royal blue.”

Daye uses dance to deal with stress; it is her happy place.

The last good book she read: Throttled by Elizabeth Lee

And she persisted!

Congratulations Daye!

Runner Up: 2018 HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador & Campaign Model

Runner-up  2018 HMDA Ambassador & Campaign Model.  Congrats Hailie!

This is our 2018 Runner-Up HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador & Campaign Model (Face of) HMDA, Hailey Reeder.  Hailey is 16 years old, and she has been dancing for four years and is a competitive (intermediate/competitive) dancer and teacher of beginning/intermediate dance students. Her favorite dance styles are Contemporary and Jazz.

Let’s Ask Hailie about Hotmess Dance Apparel™ & her favorites…

“I love all the beautiful costumes that I see on your Instagram page! I think they are stunning!  My favorite colors are yellow, purple, and blue.

  • Performing on stage is my favorite thing to do.
  • This year, I am choreographing my own solo.
  • I love vegetables.

I love to post dance videos from dance conventions and master classes that I attend (especially wearing super cute dance wear).”

The last good book she read: The Crucible

We like yellow too!

Congratulations Hallie!

Thank you to all our 2018 HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador Applicants.  Such a surprise to get interest from across the Nation & around the world.  We are not yet opening our Ambassadorship outside of the US, but we really do appreciate your interest!

The group of finalists for 2018 were young people that have overcome some struggles or hardships in life, and they love dance; in some cases, they overcome their difficulties by expression in dance.  Some may even feel handicapped by these clouds hanging over them, but despite their hurdles, they have a positive attitude.

You may ask why we ask HMDA Ambassador applicants what their favorite colors are.  Well, it’s because we make custom dance wear specifically for them.

Thank you for your interest in HMDA.

Some tips for next time…

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  • Adhere to the Rules & Regs
  • Be loyal & honest
  • Positive Attitude
  • Be a dancer, cheerleader, or gymnast
  • Follow-through
  • Know a little about our brands