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Rhinestones on our Custom Dance Costumes

Flowers In Her Hair Custom Dance Costumes

Custom Dance Costumes…we use both Preciosa & Swarovski…

Custom Dance Costumes

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Okay, so you are looking for a custom competition dance costume

LSC Print Models 2020

Models 2020 Custom Dance Costumes

OUR MODELS How do you become one of our models?  Well at the top of our list in the number one spot is that they are customers.   Our customers People who have helped us Former Ambassadors, who are also customers People who we’ve known for ages, and their kids are now in dance Any […]

Ambassadors & LSC Print Model Program 2020

California Dreaming 2019 custom dance costume

Location, Location, Location!

A 1-2 Punch

Iris Costume

Dance Costume Awards It was so awesome that our costumes took both first and second place awards at Revolution Talent in Riverside, California!  Congratulations to Shy-Shy & Ro-Ro!  It is always a pleasure to costume them in originals by ContenderWear, our high-end Lona Smith Creates brand. Book your costume CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW     […]

Rhinestone Sizes & Calculations

Rhinestones SS30's Color: Rose with Lighting

When you are placing rhinestones… In A Line One per inch: Rhinestones required = total number of inches + 1 Two per inch: Rhinestones required = total number of inches x 2 +1 Three per inch: Rhinestones required = total number of inches x 3 +1 Four per inch Rhinestones required = total number of […]