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Quote Info 2016-2017

From This Moment 2017

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Tux Style
Great Tux Dance Costume

Patterns — Each article that we create requires a pattern to be made. Pattern creation starts at $16 and up per article, depending upon complexity, and per size (i.e. for group numbers). We can also create patterns for you if you sew, starting at $35.

HotMess Dance Apparel: Whistle While You Werk It

Cutting & Layout — Specific tools, including maintenance of the tools, and ample time is taken for the process of cutting, handling, and layout of your project; Cutting & Layout start at $25.

Notions — Supplies for any ContenderWear™ or group HotMess Dance Apparel™ project includes notions and starts at $25. Notions include threads for both over-lock and regular sewing of a single color, elastics, utility zipper (if needed), and unseen, basic snaps or basic hook and eye (if needed).

Baby Face
Baby Face

Fabrics — We prefer to supply the fabrics as there are preferred textiles for highly specific projects. Price of textiles vary per yard. Most of the fabrics that we use are high-end and specifically designed for performance and comfort. The following are examples of various fabric pricing, available in increments of one yard:

  • Sequined or beaded accent fabrics, starting at $38/yard
  • 4-Way Stretch Performance, starting at $30/yard
  • Lining, starting at $15/yard
  • Chiffon, starting at $12/yard
  • Premium Organza, starting at $10/yard
  • Tulle, starting at $2/yard

Assembly/Garment Construction — Labor or assembly pricing


depends entirely on the complexity and detail of the project as they can add hours of time to creation of your masterpiece. ContenderWear project construction pricing starts at $85 per ensemble.

Trim — Embellishments can range from fabric to feathers, flowers and beaded trim to metals, and last but certainly not least, Swarovski® and Presciosa® crystal rhinestones and sew-on gems. Just about anything can be used to embellish a costume, and pricing is dictated by the price of the embellishments as well as the labor involved in its application.

Dyed-Applique Lyrical Leo/Skirt

Dye — If a color match of appliques, trim, and other cotton and natural blend items is required, the process of treating items with dye starts at $25.  Dyes for synthetic fibers start at $35.

Rhinestones — We use high-end rhinestone hooks and closures, where they will be visible, for our ContenderWear™ costumes. Sewn-in, high-end rhinestone closures start at $12. Rhinestones on a ContenderWear™ soloist’s costume vary from 2-50 gross, depending upon fabric used, desired effect, and size of stones. We work with our customers to give them the look and degree of bling that they want.

Digitized Sewing & Appliques — Recognized as the ultimate in


costume design are computerized designs and digitization in appliqué style to fit the developed pattern. Please message us if you are interested in this very unique design style.

Rush Orders & Repairs — Orders can be expedited when a rush order fee is applied. Rush order fees are dependent upon the project and prior commitments. Miscellaneous Items — Reworking an existing costume, starts at $125. Tulle work, starts at $85 + materials. Repairs start at $15.

Specials — We do have special pricing for all-encompassing ContenderWear™ costumes, whether for a soloist, duo-trio, or group costume, both new and repeat customers. Most of our costumes are “Specials.” Please DM us for more information regarding the various discount structures for 1 “Special” costume, 3-4 “Special” costumes, or 5 or more “Special” costumes.

Special pricing will include a $100 line item for rhinestones. On the final invoice, rhinestones are billed at retail, which includes application. Customers may opt to use this line item as a credit toward their ContenderWear™ purchase of Presciosa® or Swarovski® rhinestones in different sizes or colors and do their own application instead.

Specials are intended to be all-encompassing, meaning stage-ready, with discounts appearing on materials, layout, and assembly, and will be reflected in a percentage discount of the overall costume cost. The Specials estimate will consist of fewer optional line items than our regular quotes. Additionally, Specials tend to lean toward the low end of the service pricing as a perk for you.

Optional items are indicated on your estimate, but know that you can request any line item change on the estimate; just be aware that removing a non-optional item from the Specials estimate does remove the discount percentage from the entire estimate and the price point of service line items are reassessed to more closely reflect the revised job at hand.

Applique Top & Skirt/Attached Bottoms

This Specials’ structure is an effort to give you the best possible price with the best possible materials available and be all-encompassing, ready-to-go.

Since we take immense pride, go to great lengths, and invest a lot of time to provide an excellent product, consisting of top quality materials, we ask that you not compromise the finished product by adding to it with substandard materials.

About our quotes…

Our quotes are line item quotes, which we find more forthright than a single number. A line item quote indicates what each element within the project is anticipated to cost.

Some line items are designated “optional” on the line-by-line written estimate, and you may choose whether or not to include the optional item in your project. The all-encompassing quote for a soloist’s costume starts at approximately $350; the final cost may be adjusted to a lesser amount if the desired “look” is achieved with less embellishments or if discounts are available on the wholesale purchase of the embellishments, which has happened quite frequently. Our average “completely” custom costume runs about $300-$350 under the “Special.”

If you are looking for lower priced items, please consider our sister brands “HotMess Dance Apparel™” or “Plain Brown Label™.”  HMDA costumes for your custom dance wear, recital costume, or performance costume additions and enhancements to ready made parts, or PBL costumes for a lower priced costume,  possibly using ready made parts that we or you provide.

Once production has started on a project, any changes to a design, require an addendum to the work estimate, and changes will incur a change order fee, starting at $75. If a garment is complete when changes are requested, it will be handled as a new item quote. As much as we want to create your masterpiece, please understand that we cannot do so at a loss. Each project requires one or more trips to our suppliers, who are located in Los Angeles, requiring time, gas, and money, whether our trip is fruitful or not in securing all materials needed for your project. In the industry, our pricing is among the lowest for custom costumes, using top-quality materials and enhancements.

Thank you for your interest in ContenderWear™ & Hot Mess Dance Apparel™.

ContenderWear: Sweet Child of Mine

Costume pricing varies by type and quantity of materials used and labor. These are some of our published prices, but with how varied costuming can be, it is not an estimate nor a complete listing of expenses that go into costuming. Please use this information as general information, non-specific as to project. Please note that pricing may change without notice. The best way to lock in your project’s price is to obtain a written estimate and place a deposit.

Please note that this was part of our announcement of pricing 2016-2017.  Please see general current pricing available under “Quotes” in our main menu.

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