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Custom Dance Costumes: Get The Ball Rolling

First Timers with A Custom Costume

Okay, so you are looking for a custom competition dance costume for the first time ever. Perhaps this is your dancer’s first solo, perhaps second after getting your feet wet with a catalog or semi-custom last year.  Now you are ready to dive into a significant and utterly amazing custom dance costume to wow the judges and audience.  We can make the custom dance costume of your and your dancer’s dreams.  

Worth mentioning is that we produce your custom dance costume and actually ship it to you so that you can have your custom dance costume in the time we discussed.  

Repeat Costume Customers

We love our repeat custom dance costume customers! Those of you that have collaborated with us previously, know the drill.  Whatever questions you have, ya’ll know to just ask.

Our repeat customers are a good group of dance families, who recognized our great service and product, and they know that we deliver on time. 


Custom Costumes: Info &  Communication


We have plenty of information on our site that covers the process, which always starts with communicating…contact us: phone, email, text, DM on faceBook or Instagram, or video chat. Whichever way you fancy to communicate with us about your amazing custom costume, we’re here to collaborate with you to create your magnificent masterpiece, yet within your budget.   

We stay in communication with you throughout the process.  Yep, we sure do, and if you have any doubt, check our customer feed back, which has been captured and republished on our “Testimonials Page.”  Once you have contacted us about your custom dance costume, we’ll pretty much take you by the hand, step-by-step. 


Our F.A.Q page covers questions  that have been asked previously by both customers and would-be customers.    Subjects addressed include sizing, fittings, general sizing, deposits, shipping, etc.  Anything that has ever been asked of us about our costuming services has been covered.  If you have a question, please ask.

Now, you may be asking, “Why put out such an expansive FAQ page if you are here ready to answer questions?” Let’s explain that…

  • Apprehensive first-time, custom-costume customers are in unchartered waters…we get that.  We don’t bite, but sometimes they just want to do some research on their own.
  • Customers who like to see policies in writing
  • Assurance for expectations of customers waiting in the queue

The Process of Creating Your Custom Costume

After we touch base, the process is pretty straight forward  It pretty much covers the order in which each step is taken to create your masterpiece custom dance costume, but don’t worry, we’ll be walking with you through your custom costume process.

Your Custom Costume Starts here…

Initiate Contact

  1. Message us on fB
  2. Message us on IG
  3. Call 951.268.4452
  4. Text 951.268.4452
  5. Email us CLICK ME

Planning Your Custom Costume

  • Discussion
  • Line Item Invoice & Detail
  • Deposit on your custom costume
  • Design Rendering
  • Measurements

Procurement & Assembly

  • Pattern Development
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Cutting & Layout
  • Lining/base
  • Fitting – ContenderWear™ brand

Finalize Your Costume Masterpiece

  • Seam-sewn Embellishments
  • Assembly
  • Décor & Rhinestones
  • Balance Due
  • Final Shipment

Your custom costume process is also covered on our home page; just scroll down a bit.  It pretty much covers the order in which each step is taken to create your masterpiece custom dance costume, but don’t worry, we’ll be walking with you through your custom costume process.

Rest assured if you have questions, just ask. 

Now let’s get to work on your custom dance costume.

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