Ambassadors & LSC Print Model Program 2020

California Dreaming 2019 custom dance costume
Ambassador program 

Our HotMess Dance Apparel Ambassador Program started with a contest in 2017, and  winners were announced on January 1, 2018.  We had two amazing young ladies represent our brands.  They helped create brand awareness for all LSC brands.  They were so supportive that we extended their Ambassadorship into 2019.  

Thank you to Daye, our Mountain Region Ambassador, and Aryana, who served not only as HMDA Ambassador but also our local LSC Print Model.  

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

lsc Print model program 

In 2018, it became clear that more models of various sizes were needed, and we started building our portfolio and theirs.

2018-2019: learned a lot

We learned and continue learning with this LSC venture: marketing strategy, our team, manufacturing, customers, and just about every aspect of the business we now approach with greater insight.

As a result, our products are better, our turn-around time is fabulous, and we will continue to strive to never, ever overbook.  We would not want our customers to have to wait beyond a promised date for their costume.

We were commissioned to do a large number of bases locally, and we did this to confirm our sizing and fit to measurements.  Our sizing and fit to measurements are spot on! All it takes are correct measurements, which we are always here to help our customers with via video chat or you can visit our measurement page.

2019-2020: What’s Next

For 2019-2020, we will only be utilizing the LSC Print Model Program.  


Since we are located in the Inland Empire in sunny Southern California, our photo shoots will occur in that area.  So proximity to our area on this Earth is a huge factor.  Location, location, location!


While they don’t have to be customers, that is a plus.

  • Customer
  • Lives in the IE SoCal
  • Dancer
  • Familiar with Products
  • Expressive
  • Body Type

We hope to kick off the year with a group shoot in June 2019. 

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