Line Item Quote: Custom Dance Costumes

fascinator in the works: AKA small hat

Exemplar Quote for…

Plain Brown Label™
Custom Dance Costume 
(Yellow Costume)

$40 Pattern Design: Custom leo, skirt, cuffs, hat (Optional: Skirt)
$10 Pattern Materials
$25 Cutting & Layout
$25 Notions- Threads, basic hooks, snaps, Velcro, foam
$100 Assembly
$16 Appliques (Optional)
$33 LSC Clear AB SS20 Crystal – 3 gross*
$10 Adhesives Stones/Applique 
$25 Premium Performance Spandex/Lycra
$24 Premium Skirt fabric & embroidery thread (Optional)
$15 Thick lining (due to color)
$20 Chandelle Feathers* (Optional)
$25 Remote Fitting

$367 + final shipping & insurance for this example costume. 
≈$300 without all items marked “Optional” & expenses associated with them.

PBL is our budget brand & is usually under $400.

This order included  appliques, feathers, 3 gross of stones & a custom leotard. Original budget ~ $350, bumped stones later by two more gross for an added $21 & $25 Pearl Pack to extend effect of pearl appliques onto base.

*Upgradable and add rhinestone closures to make it a ContenderWear brand high-end costume.

Prices subject to change without notice.  Lock in your personal estimated quote price with a deposit.

Upgrade To ContenderWear™: A High-End Custom Dance Costume 

This list of upgrade prices is to show the difference in cost of various materials used in PBL vs. ContenderWear™, and represents a what it would cost additionally in materials’ pricing (larger/adult sizes may cost more) to make this same costume a ContenderWear™ brand costume:

$ 80 Ostrich feathers optional removable bustle
$ 15 Matching Ostrich feather trim for cuffs & accessories
$103 Preciosa rhinestones, more if you want Swarovski
$ 26 Two silver-plated Rhinestone closures added, based on width & stones.

$223 Approx. in upgrades for this particular example to make it a custom, one-of-a-kind, high-end, costume under the label ContenderWear™.

Prices subject to change without notice.  Lock in your personal estimated quote price with a deposit.

Exemplar Quote for…

HotMess Dance Apparel™
Custom Dance Costume

$48 Pattern Design: Custom leo, capri leggings, cuffs, choker
$18 Pattern Materials
$25 Cutting & Layout
$25 Notions- Threads, basic hooks, snaps, Velcro, foam
$125 Assembly blocked applique style
$30 Premium Performance Spandex/Lycra
$16 Premium Power Mesh
$14 Lining
$25 Remote Fitting

$326 + final shipping & insurance for this example costume.

HMDA is our sans rhinestone brand. 

Prices subject to change without notice.  Lock in your personal estimated quote price with a deposit.

Eva & Brooke in HotMess Dance Apparel

Exemplar price is per costume.

If dancers are the same size & measurements, the multiples may choose to share the cost in Pattern Design, Pattern Materials, possibly Notions, and Shipping provided that it is a single order. 

Prices subject to change without notice.  Lock in your personal estimated quote price with a deposit.

Line Item Quotes: Custom Dance & Cosplay Costumes

These are discounted pricing for direct pay same as cash:

Applique – From Custom Design

Appliques stitched out from our custom designs: Small $10/each Medium $15-$25 Large $26+ Design billed separately
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


Applique/Embroidery – Design

Design of specific embroidery item or applique From $25 simple $50 Average $75+ Large or hyper-detailed
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


Appliques – Premium & Venice

Individual Small 6.00, Medium 8.99, Large 12.50, Extra Large 16.50
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives





Assembly – Bargain

Usually applies toward a recital costume or a top and bottoms. From $95


Assembly – Detailed

Usually a design that is reasonably detailed i.e. blocking with some over lace or other open knit, or basic mesh, or ladder application  From $125


Assembly – Extreme



Assembly – limited

Usually slightly beyond basic top and bottoms, perhaps strappy back. From $100


Assembly – Separate

This could be a pair of booty shorts with detail, simple top, simple leo, or simple slip-dress. From $35



Consideration is given to those who sew or studios that have a staff on hand to finish straps or hem. From $85  85.00

Cutting & Layout

This is for the time involved in placement of and cutting of pattern pieces; in addition, it applies some funds toward the maintenance of
equipment from basic scissors to machinery. From $25

Certain fabrics wreak havoc on our machinery and tools, and cutting & layout for those fabrics start at $35.  These fabrics include stretch velvet/velour, shiny pleather, and other fabrics with a nap/pile, sticky, or heavy thickness.





Dye Bath Process

From $45 Per Formula Color; if client specifies fabric to be dyed, we are not responsible for color “take.”





Embellishment – Metal or Metal-like

Minimum 1 yard From $6


Embellishment – Pearl Pack

From $20 Sizes, colors, and quantities vary depending upon type.
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


Embellishments – Feathers Heavy

Ostrich Feathers 4-ply from $100 (referred to as Level 4)


Embellishments – Feathers Ample

Ostrich Feathers 2-ply from $75 Level 3


Embellishments – Feathers Accent

Ostrich Feathers 1-ply from $50 Level 1


Embellishments – Feathers

Chandelle or Maribou Feathers sewn onto costume From $20





Fabric – Premium Performance Power Mesh

Minimum of 1 yard. From $16


Fabrics – 4-way Premium Lycra/Spandex

Minimum of 1 yard; From $25


Fabrics – Premium 4-way lining

Minimum 1 yard; From $14


Fabrics – Premium Chiffon

Minimum of 1 yard; from $12


Fabrics – Premium Embroidery/Sequin

Minimum 1 yard; From approx. $55


Fabrics – Premium Organza or Premium Crepe

Minimum 1 yard; From $13


Fabrics – Tulle

Minimum 1 yard; from $3.50


Fabrics – Shipment from MFR

Specialty or last minute orders may need fabrics shipped to us.From $25



Local no charge for fittings at our location, unless you are a no-show, the following will be $25.
Remote no charge for fitting unless you are a no-show for our scheduled video chat appointment. Other charge for remote fitting includes fees for mailing, which is dependent upon cost of costume & delivery address.  Approx. $25 in the continental US.



Includes functional Zippers, hooks, snaps, basic overlock, and machine thread spools of 1 color


Notions – Embroidery Thread

Specialty thread from $8, may include embroidery, finishing, or hologram threads


Notions – Adhesives

Specialty Adhesives for seams, appliques, rhinestones





Pattern Design

From $16 per unit of measure, article, complexity
considerations; leos from $32


Pattern Materials

Long Pants from $10 Shorts from $8 Dress Short $12 Dress Long $20 Leotard From $10





Rhinestone Buttons

Small 6.75, Medium 8.00, Large 12.00


Rhinestone Closures

Small 13.50, Medium 16.00, Large 18.00, Extra Large 22.00,
Special Order Black 25


Rhinestones – Sew On

Price is per dozen; From $15
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


Rhinestones –  Applied Preciosa

Per Gross SS30’s from $28 SS34’s from $34 SS40’s from $40; SS48’s from $48, price reflects SS16’s coated
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


Rhinestones – SS20 Applied Swarovski

Per Gross SS20’s from $20
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


Rhinestones – SS20
Applied LSC

Per Gross SS20’s AB from $10
Also Notions-Specialty Adhesives


 Terms Change Orders

Change orders are changes in the selection of items purchased specifically for your project, the design, embellishments, or redirection of the project’s final outcome. Along with a change order fee, there may be additional line items added to accommodate additional labor and materials to accommodate the change(s). Change orders start at $75 per change.


Terms – Delivery

When we are available to process your order within time line discussed and agreed upon as the suggested delivery date, we cannot be
responsible for delays that may be experienced through delivery by a third party (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx). Delays may include, but are not limited to:
inclement weather, volcanic eruption, terrorism, theft, civil unrest, change orders, etc.


Terms – Deposit

Deposits and all monies paid toward a custom product are NOT refundable. From the moment you place your deposit, work is performed toward
your custom product, from ordering fabrics, supplies, rhinestones, and any other items; renderings are drawn; patterns are created. Your money is spent, so NO not refundable.

Remote Fittings- customer is responsible for the delivery of the costume to us after a remote fitting. If not insured, customer will be responsible for the cost of recreating the costume at a minimum of $250 should the costume go missing in transit to us.


Terms – Earnest

Until your deposit is paid, your quote is not considered an earnest agreement. You will have either 24 hours to make your deposit or until other orders are accepted, which dismisses your quote…whichever occurs first. We have many orders at any given time. The process is
systematic. Due to other commitments, we allow 60-90 minutes per customer prior to a quote payment. If you have not already made a deposit, please be considerate of others, who are earnest in their commitment.


Terms – Measurements

Measurements are taken by us only for local customers who commission full-service ContenderWear and/or Plain Brown Label Costumes. Remote ContenderWear and/or Plain Brown Label and/or any of our other brands (HotMess Dance Apparel, NuptialWear, LiturgyWear), it is up to the customer to take accurate and current measurements. We can assist with that via a scheduled video chat appointment, and we also have a log-in instructional measurements page. Please do not miss your measurement appointment as this will result in a charge.


Terms – Taxes & Customs

If you are out-of-state (not California), you are responsible for any local or federal taxes due as a result of this sale. If you are outside of the United States Of America, you are responsible for any customs due and any taxes due as a result of this sale. Taxes or customs vary by state, municipality, and country.


Trim – Fringe

Minimum 1 yard From 12; beaded depends on length and density


Trim – Ruffles made to match

From 25.00, petticoat with ruffles to match From $68.00


Trim – Ruffles Ready Made

Minimum 1 yard; From $5, and depends upon availability.


Prices in Bold (above) are examples of inclusions in a basic ensemble and are subject to change without notice.  Lock in your personal estimated quote price with a deposit.