Rhinestones on our Custom Dance Costumes

Flowers In Her Hair Custom Dance Costumes

Above ContenderWear™ costume: “Flowers In Her Hair”  Shows two of the pieces from this costume.  
Stones Used: Preciosa® SS48, SS20 See product listing

ContenderWear Custom Dance Costumes

Rhinestones & Sparkle For All Budgets

We recommend the use of Preciosa® & Swarovski® rhinestones for our ContenderWear™ brand products, where we apply the rhinestones in-house.


Maxima – These illuminating little baubles are able to reflect 264 unique rays of light – the highest available on the market – this brand new product range is simply unparalleled. The MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA a new rhinestone on the market and is the essence of crystal brilliance. It is an extension of the VIVA 12 product range. this premium counterpart was created using the latest cutting software. MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA is offered in fourteen different sizes, each with a corresponding cut so that every individual crystal produces the same dazzling effect.
  • Facets SS30-48: 20 & a table
  • Facets SS6-20: 15 & a table
  • Facets SS2-4: 12 & a table
  • Sizes: from SS2-4-SS48
  • Coatings: AB, Crystal, Flare
  • Colors: Wide Variety
MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12® – These are lead-free flatbacks. It is known for its brilliance, sparkle and lustre, and is characterized by an intense AB effect and high durability of bonded surfaces.  Their silver foiling both protects against damage and intensifies the stones’ brilliance. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and finishes. These are a low profile rhinestone, which makes them more comfortable for dancers with a lot of floor work.
  • Facets: 12 & a table
  • Sizes: from SS2-SS48
  • Coatings: AB, Crystal, Flare
  • Colors: Wide Variety


Xirius 2088 – Named after the brightest star, it is a popular style of flatbacks made by Swarovski®. It is an upgraded style of Swarovski®’s former 2058 stone, and the new cut allows for the beautiful light refraction.
  • Facets: 16 & a small table
  • Sizes: SS12-SS48 (See 2058 for smaller)
Xilion 2058 – The 2058’s are an upgraded style of the former 2028 stone/cut, and they are the most popular Swarovski® Flatback Rhinestones. Xilion Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones are the most popular style of flatbacks made by Swarovski®, and they are available up to SS10’s in size.
  • Facets: 14 & a small table
  • Sizes: SS5-SS10 (See 2088 for larger)
Xilion Shimmer 2038 – This is the older cut (2058) with a “Shimmer” (coating…not to be confused with shimmer the color). The Shimmer is a lighter version of the Aurora Borealis, and it gives off a softer glow.  As of 2020, Shimmer coating is available in the 2088 in the larger sizes.
Chaton 2000 – The 2000 is an 8 facet cut intended for very small filler rhinestones.
There are many other rhinestone styles by Swarovski® that are more of a specialty application i.e. sew-ons, shapes, etc. Budget dictates the embellishments.

PBL Custom & Semi-Custom Costumes

PBL is our budget dance costume brand, and as such we have researched alternatives for the be-dazzling application on PBL dance costumes. 
LSC Rhinestones – Our private label rhinestones are European crystal.  They had to meet our finicky taste with the bling.  They are foil-back, and currently we have the following colors available:
LSC Rhinestones Crystal SS20
LSC Rhinestones Crystal AB SS20
LSC Rhinestones Lt Siam SS20
LSC Rhinestones Lt Siam SS30
LSC Rhinestones Golden Shadow SS20
LSC Rhinestones Golden Shadow SS30
LSC Rhinestones Sapphire AB SS20
LSC Rhinestones Peridot AB SS20
LSC Rhinestones Peridot SS20

Above ContenderWear™ costume: “Dianthus”  Shows three of the pieces of this costume.  
Stones Used: Preciosa® SS20 See product listing

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