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Ready-Made Dance Costumes and Apparel Sizing Chart

Item Specific details affecting size will be indicated on the individual listings. This chart represents the basic sizing that we use when creating active wear for events, i.e. recitals, to sell as concessions. You may also order these generalized sizes if it helps reduce the number of patterns needed for your group costume order.

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Imperial & Metric Standardized Sizing for Dance Costumes & Apparel

Standard Sizing of Ready-Made
Custom Dance Costume Brand Comparison

Comparison of ContenderWear, Plain Brown Label, and HotMess Dance Apparel

Easy & quick chart: Brand Comparison

ContenderWear™ Custom Costumes

Please see exemplars of how we invoice based on line item: HERE

ContenderWear™ is LSC’s flagship brand for custom dance costumes, and products bearing the ContenderWear™ label are the highest quality, top-of-the-line, over-the-top stage and performance wear to captivate your audiences.

ContenderWear™ services usually include Swarovski or Preciosa rhinestones, custom appliques, cut-outs, unique designs, customer tailored costume, accessories, but do check your individual quote/invoice for specifics.

ContenderWear™ costumes come stage ready, complete with premium rhinestones that we provide and apply.  It is all-inclusive.

Plain Brown Label™ Beautiful Performance & Competition Costumes

Plain Brown Label™ is our label of budget competition dance costumes & costume ensembles and very unique high-end performance cosplay costumes, which are usually Leotards with leggings, unitards, or biketards. PBL brand costumes are sold as complete costumes for dancers. Dance costumes have bling, with focus on a remaining within a lower budget threshold.

Plain Brown Label™ dance costumes come stage ready.

HotMess Dance Apparel™ Custom Recital & Base Costumes & Separates

HotMess Dance Apparel™ is our go-to-brand for contemporary ensembles, costume bases, class-wear, sans rhinestone costumes, alterations, and add-ons. Items can be sold as separates or you may provide all or partial base for embellishments and/or add-ons & alterations.

Lock In Your Quoted Costuming Price

Pricing is subject to change without notice. Please keep in mind that the only way to “lock” in a price is to obtain an official quote and place a deposit on the order within a specified time frame. Time frames are given at the time of the quote, however during busy times, the time may be eliminated once other orders have been received.

Terms of your Custom Costume Agreement

It is the customer’s responsibility to read the pertinent information on our Web Site: Quotes; FAQ’s; Privacy Statement; Terms. 
Deposits are nonrefundable as are final payments on any custom or made to order items.
Click for chart of:


Basic Measurements for Dance Costumes & Apparel

Measurements are key in getting a great fit.

We are here to assist with measurements via video chat. Once you pay your deposit, we offer you access to our Measurement Instruction page.  Better to be safe than sorry so do let us know if you need assistance.

Proper measurements are key in making a costume just for your dancer. Inaccurate measurements result in poor fit no matter how well made the garment is.  There will be a fee for fix or exchange  if you submitted inaccurate measurements.

Others who sew may use generalized sizes, we only use generalized sizing for group costumes under the HotMess Dance Apparel™ and Plain Brown Label™ Brands when explicitly requested by the customer.  ContenderWear™ brand is made to EXACT measurements.  We like a smooth fit on the body, without wrinkles, puckering, or excess fabric.

This diagram depicts three basic measurements. There are many more measurements that can be taken.  The measurements required for your job may also include:

  • Girth
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Inseam
  • Outseam
  • Crotch Depth
  • Crotch Length
  • Head
  • Wrist
  • Bicep
  • Ankle
  • Arm
  • Arm Inside
  • Hip Bone
  • Bicep
  • Wrist-Elbow
  • Elbow-Shoulder
  • Back
  • Shoulder
Depicting Hip for measuremtn

Our measurement page is here: Measurements

Our measurement page is maintained for our customers.  If you have placed your deposit, you will receive the password to gain access to the measurements page. You will receive information as to which of the measurements that we need to process your order. 

If you have difficulty with the measurements, please contact us directly so that we can assist you via video chat.

The password is changed at regular intervals.


Ready-Made Dance Costumes & Apparel Sizing Chart

Item Specific details affecting size will be indicated on the individual listings.

While our sizing chart is intended for ready-made products to be sold on our site and as concessions at events, you may order select pieces from this chart.  These items are limited to some basic pieces i.e. booty shorts and variations thereof; specific crop-tops, etc.  It saves money on the creation of a custom group costume because many people within a group could share a single pattern size. Products tailored to a specific size in girth, waist, hip, bust, etc. outside of the measurements in the chart would not apply.

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Standard Sizing of Ready-Made
Can you elaborate on ContenderWear™ dance costume sizing in general vs. catalog costumes?

Absolutely! ContenderWear™ products are made to specific measurements and is always custom from the quadrilateral piece of fabric to stage.  Also, we don’t just build on a “base” product, items are sewn in with the progression of the so-called base. Our ContenderWear™ “bases” are all custom designed just for our customers’ projects.

Yes some ContenderWear™ are made to average sizes for the purpose of selling them on our on-line stores.  These costumes are made to either frequent sizing that we have received orders for and average sizing according to our Ready-Made Dance Costumes Sizing Chart.  Either way, measurements used to create a ready-made will be posted in the product size description.

Catalog or off-the-shelf products usually will come in standard sizes, not necessarily to your dancer’s measurements.  Since the costume is not an original, be prepared to see others, particularly groups, utilizing the same costume at competitions; this can be kind of disheartening as a soloist’s costume is supposed to be revered. 

About the sizing, catalog costumes usually only come in generalized sizes i.e. S, M, L, etc.  The size we make for a custom order is specific to the measurements of your performer.

Will my ContenderWear™ one-of-a-kind, custom dance costume fit properly?

Yes if measurements were taken correctly and you do a proper remote fitting, following through with all our recommendations; one of which is to run the dance in-costume while you have the costume in your possession for the fitting. 

We’ve been sewing since the 1970’s; so we’ve had lots of practice!

Customer Design Demands 

First of all, we strive for zero costume malfunctions; however, there are customers who will instruct us to make very specific placements of costume components. Openings  are areas where coverage is key, and it needs to give and work for the routine, but when the customer instructs us to make these areas in manners that are inconsistent with our usual design of coverage, we are not responsible for the functionality of the costume.  Also customer design changes along the way may additionally hinder the functionality of the costume. We’ve been doing this a long time, but ultimately the customer is footing the bill, so we do as requested regardless.  The key would be to inquire before require.

We work in high-end, 4-way stretch fabrics, which are great for growing dancers.  However, sometimes customers request or supply 2-way or non-stretch, or lesser % stretch fabrics, appliques, and other embellishments.  We are not responsible for the fit of alternative fabrics outside of our 4-way stretch.  We will give options for the non-stretch items, but ultimately the customer is in the driver’s seat, and they are ultimately responsible for the outcome of items made of alternative supplies.

We Measure ContenderWear Brand Locals

Local ContenderWear brand customers can make an appointment and have their measurements taken by us, additionally, we do the fitting locally.   After you make your deposit, you may request access to our instructions for taking and submitting your measurements. We can also set a time to walk you through the measurement process via a video call if you have faceBook, Google Hangouts; alternatively, Skype.  These measurements will be used to ascertain the correct sizing for your body type, and a pattern will be made to fit those measurements.  It is up to our customers to request assistance with this and make an appointment with us to verify that measurements are being taken correctly.  You can also log into our measurements page to view instructions and diagrams for correct measurement taking.

If you live in the Southern California area or will be traveling through the area, we can meet with you in person to take measurements for our ContenderWear brand and/or to discuss details of your order, including sampling of fabrics. For those ordering by mail, we like to ship the base to you for a fitting. Not to worry, we are right here through Skype or Video Chat to assist you.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Studio Measurements

If you are submitting measurements that someone else took, i.e. at the studio, please verify the measurements.  Measurements given should be exact measurements at the time of measure.  They should not be bumped up 1/2 or 1 inch as we found that one studio had done.

Wrong or Bumped Measurements

If however, you give us the wrong or larger measurements, hoping to get a larger costume to “grow into”, no your costume will not fit.  It will not fit for your fitting, and most likely, you will have problems pinning it if we are doing a remote fitting.  It is better to make a costume that fits the current measurements, possibly with growth options.  After a deposit is made, we are here to assist you with your measurements via video call.  Please schedule this measuring meeting with us, whether in-person for your ContenderWear costume or remote.

Growing Dancer

As your child grows, most of our products do stretch, some more than others.  Possibilities include altering slightly for growth, and the use of Topstick Men’s Grooming Tape for keeping areas in place.  

Please make sure that you know the ins & outs of measuring as we are not responsible for ill fitting garments due to incorrect measurements.  To assist you with this, we have a measurement page.  Our commissioned costume customers are given the password to access it.  Please contact us directly to access the page if you are looking to measure for a ready-made costume.  

Do you make specific sizes of custom dance costumes and clothing?

Yes, we make your size.  Since our dance costumes are custom, and you send us or we take your (ContenderWear) measurements, we make them to fit the measurements provided.

When we are invited to participate in special events, such as recitals, we prepare many HotMess Dance Apparel™ leotards, Tees, skirts, shrugs, etc. in “generic” sizes to be sold as concessions. Those types of products are for a range of measurements within a given general size, i.e. Child Small, Adult Small, Child Medium, etc.  However, made-to-order custom costumes and custom dance wear is made specifically for your measurements.


What are your prices for a Custom Halloween Costume?

Halloween costumes fall in the same billing and preparation category as any of our quoted costumes.  They are not cheaper than ready made; so unless you have several hundred dollars to spend, this is not for you.

Pricing does not include props, shipping & insurance, tax, or customs fees.  

The only way to lock in a price is to contact us for a quote and place a deposit toward that quote invoice.  

What are your prices for ContenderWear™ Brand One-Of-A-Kind Dance Costume?

Both your quote and invoice will be line-item. You will know exactly what is being charged for what. It is not an all-encompassing, blanket fee.  The general aspects of our billing can be found on our quotes page here on our Site and the spreadsheet noting the differences in our brands near the top of this page.   Our prices will be directly affected by the amount of time and materials required to create your masterpiece. Time involved is directly affected by detail, whether it be lace, embroidery, custom appliques, feathers, beading.

The Estimate:  ContenderWear™ brand custom, stage-ready costume quote for a soloist’s  on average runs more than the final cost.  We like to include everything and anything that we may use on your product; however your invoice will be adjusted to a lesser amount if the desired “look” is achieved with less embellishments or if discounts are available on the wholesale purchase of the embellishments, which has happened quite frequently.  Please note that there may be a charge for items that were initially requested and purchased specifically at your request, but you changed your mind (i.e. colors, embellishments, etc.).

Prices do not include shipping & insurance and tax, these items are estimated with the quote, but updated to actual at the end of building and finalizing your product for shipment.  If this is out of your budget, we recommend opting for our Plain Brown Label Brand™ or HotMess Dance Apparel™.

As much as we want to create your masterpiece, please understand that we cannot do so at a loss. Each project requires one or more trips to our suppliers, who are located in Los Angeles, requiring time, gas, and money, whether our trip is fruitful or not in securing all materials needed for your project. In the industry, our pricing is among the lowest for quality custom costumes, using top-quality materials and enhancements.

Costume pricing varies by type and quantity of materials used and labor. 

Please note that pricing may change without notice. The best way to lock in your project’s price is to obtain a written estimate and place a deposit on your order.

Can you elaborate on ContenderWear™ pricing in general vs. other costumes?

Absolutely! ContenderWear™ pricing is much lower than our competitors.  We compare our products to designers who actually sew (manufacture) the products in-house because we do.  We want to maintain our quality standards; thereby work is not farmed out.  Also, we don’t just build on a “base” product, which is what many decorators do.  Our frill and extras are sewn in with the progression of the so-called base.

Sure, you can buy a manufactured costume from a catalog for anywhere from $100 to $200.  They usually will come in standard sizes, not necessarily to your dancer’s measurements.  Add to this the expense of altering the catalog costume, adding accessories, props, perhaps some appliques, and of course several gross of name brand rhinestones.   Since the costume is not an original, be prepared to see others, particularly groups, utilizing the same costume at competitions; this can be kind of disheartening as one would expect a shiny new costume to be revered, particularly if worn for a solo.

You get what you pay for: Throughout the year, we gain business from catalog costumes needing to be repaired: buttons that come off, snaps that won’t stay snapped, epaulets that become unattached at points and just flop about.  Long before the end of the season, you will find that the catalog costume is ready for a proper burial.

Some dancers take very good care of their costumes.  For example: some of our used costumes sell for within $100 of their original purchase price.  In our humble opinion, $100 to use a custom, one-of-a-kind costume, created just for their body, their music and mood of the piece, for a year is a bargain.

When you consider sweat and other bodily fluids that come in contact with dance costumes, we would not personally put our own dancer in a used costume, but that is entirely up to the individual parent.

How much and how long to get some of your fabulous fit booty shorts?

For HotMess Dance Apparel™ shorts, we have made many of the booty shorts on a regular basis. If we have your size pattern, it would cost the usual, which is between usually $23-$30 for each pair. Depending upon the quantity ordered, we may discount that for you.

If we have to make a pattern for your size, add $21 to the order.

Once we have your order and provided we have the fabrics and colors that you want, we could have 10-20 pair ready within that first day, depending on when order and payment are received, and, of course, your place in the queue.

Just a note on fabric and colors available: If specific fabrics and colors are needed that we must procure, extra time and fees would go into the cost of the final goods.

Can you give me an example of effect/pricing between HMDA & ContenderWear™?

Yes, please see the comparison of brands chart located near the top.

Getting Various Quotes for Your Custom Costume

If you were to get various quotes, LSC  is not going to be the cheapest.  LSC is not going to be the highest priced either.  

We don’t want you to waste your time and energy or ours.  If you are doing it for price comparisons for the cheapest, we can save some time right now.

Our quotes are line-item, thought provoked, bids for quality products.  Bids take time.

We have a great product that we wholeheartedly believe in; we offer great perks, including customer service and meeting deadlines.  

Simply put: If your need is for a cheap product, at the cheapest price…hit the back button on your browser because you have arrived at the wrong place. Godspeed!

Can you tell me why you need 50% deposit?

A Deposit Is Required For Your Custom Order

We ask for a 50% deposit before we start work because we start procuring top notch textiles and embellishments for your product even though your order is not currently the one we are working on “actively” in our queue.  As long as we are going to our suppliers and placing orders, we may as well purchase items as we come across them for all orders.  Also if any items for your project are back-ordered, we can order them promptly, and we usually have them in time for when your project is active in the queue.

We expect the balance to be paid when we notify you that your project is complete; however, we fully understand that life throws all kinds of curve balls at us, and with that in mind, we offer a specified period of time after the product is complete to pay your final balance.  Be mindful that future orders may require a higher deposit percentage or other arranged payment terms as a result.

Some have compared our terms with seamstresses who only charge perhaps $50 up front.  If you like the terms and services of someone else, by all means order from them. 

At any rate, $50 wouldn’t cover materials for most our products…Godspeed!

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?


Custom Costumes Commissioned

Custom costumes made to order are expressly made for the customer.  While you are waiting in the queue for your turn, we start ordering supplies to create your masterpiece immediately, even before it is your turn in the queue.  We want to make sure that we have all the necessary items for your costume when it IS your turn; so, we get right on it.  We have to spend money to get these items for your costume; so, the deposit is spent.

If there is a change in costume design by the customer or the choreographer or studio owner, there is a design fee for changes. At that point, you may elect to not proceed with the costume; however your deposit has already been spent.

With all that being said, we do adjust an invoice to reflect the product being delivered.  This does sometimes result in a credit toward the invoice.

Ready Made

Our ready-made customs have explicit measurements listed, and we show them on models when possible…AND we give the model’s measurements.  This is all to determine the fit from your perspective.  

Costumes are usually worn without underwear, and as such, they cannot be exchanged nor returned.  It’s just not hygienic. 

Can I have an item made for me that is on sale?


Since we created all the costumes in our online shop, yes you can order a derivative costume off of our item in the shop.  However, each costume order made to specs is costed out on a line-item basis.  

The reason an item is on sale or discounted is because one or more of the following:

  • It is a prior year’s design
  • Several derivative costumes have already been created based on that design
  • The fabric is no longer available

The sale or discount applies to the finished item on-hand.


Can I reserve my to-be-determined custom dance costume?

Yes, even if you are unsure what music, style of dance, etc. you want in the upcoming year, you may reserve your spot. 

We usually open reservations in February-March for the upcoming season, from August forward.  These reservations allow for up to  two ContenderWear™ soloists per week.  Any unfilled spots will then be fair game for ContenderWear™ groups and  our other brands: Plain Brown Label; HotMess Dance Apparel™; NuptialWear™; LiturgyWear™.

Reserve your spot by selecting a date and placing a deposit toward that reservation.  Please see our ContenderWear™ Custom Costume Product Page.

How long does it take to get a ContenderWear™ custom costume made specifically for me?

We are very fast to respond and put the wheels in motion for your custom order.

-If we have all elements needed to create your ContenderWear™ custom costume, it could be made as soon as 1-3 days, provided that we do not have orders scheduled ahead of yours, acknowledging complexity of design, and textiles on-hand. Shipping priority mail can take longer than the time to create a costume.
-If we have to procure items for your ContenderWear™ costume, the time frame to create your product will increase, depending on both availability of products, and/or if we have to visit the LA Textile District to obtain it. We only visit the District once a week, October through March.  Delay of other items would be if they are shipped to us.

-If a remote fitting is in order, allow for shipping times of remote fitting of 5 days to and 5 days from location for remote fitting, which includes video conference.

We have many, many fabrics, colors, rhinestones, trims, feathers, and embellishments, on hand.

-Other delays to consider are customer based such as:

  • Every decision having to be run by studio representative
  • Indecision
  • Change Orders
  • Sending us elements to be used in your project that were not covered in our initial agreement, additional fee will apply as well

Let us do what we do. Micro-managing is not an option for you.

How much and how long to get some of your fabulous fit booty shorts?

For HotMess Dance Apparel™ shorts, we have made many of the booty shorts on a regular basis. If we have your size pattern, it would cost the usual, which is between usually $23-$30 for each pair. Depending upon the quantity ordered, we may discount that for you.

If we have to make a pattern for your size, add $21 to the order.

Once we have your order and provided we have the fabrics and colors that you want, we could have 10-20 pair ready within that first day, depending on when order and payment are received, and, of course, your place in the queue.

Just a note on fabric and colors available: If specific fabrics and colors are needed that we must procure, extra time and fees would go into the cost of the final goods.

When will my ContenderWear™ custom dance costume be done?

We are booked out about 8-12 weeks twice per year: In winter when we are creating the ContenderWear™ masterpieces for soloists and groups for the new competition year and in Spring for Nationals.  Also in Spring we find ourselves immersed in our HotMess Dance Apparel™ label for recitals and NuptialWear™ for weddings.  Other than that, we can typically create your custom costume within 1-3 days, depending upon availability of materials and of course your place in the queue.  The 1-3 days does not include shipping time for remote fittings nor any change orders.

It’s always best to get your order placed as soon as possible with your deposit. Depending upon our existing schedule, you may possibly have an option to have your costume expedited at a nominal fee, but again, that depends upon our existing orders and their scheduled due dates.


What information do you need to create a custom dance costume for me?

Info we need from our customers:

  • Budget
  • Date Needed By
  • Measurements (see our measurements page)
  • Your Costume Desires…if known.  Otherwise…
    • Music
    • Choreo Style/Genre
    • Stunts or video of choreo to date

Your budget determines the possible level of detail, fabric types, and embellishments.

If you already have an idea or a rough sketch, we need that up front to assess with regard to your estimate. 

Without clearly articulated dimensions, in either %, angles, or inches, we may have to create multiple costumes should your thoughts not be clearly stated at the on-set.  We will place any items created up for sale that is the subject of such circumstance to help defray labor & materials involved in creating multiples in addition to the change-order fee(s).

Can I order a ContenderWear™ custom dance costume to be created from a photo?

All ContenderWear™ costumes that we create are custom, unique costumes.  You may send us a photo or link to an image so that we can get an idea of what you are leaning toward as far as the various costume aspects. However, another designer’s costume will not be replicated.

Your costume will be made specifically for you, your measurements, the genre, music, and mood of the piece.

We have been asked to replicate our own designs of the past for group numbers, particularly when they have a new addition or if a costume is lost. In this event, we ask that a sample costume be provided to us for replication in the desired size.  While we may have made a number of the said costume, we cannot recall all techniques used for a specific costume; better techniques are introduced on a continuous basis.  Additionally, minor tweaks are usually not noted in the main pattern.  

Can I order a ContenderWear™ custom dance costume to be created from a photo?

All ContenderWear™ costumes that we create are custom, unique costumes.  You may send us a photo or link to an image so that we can get an idea of what you are leaning toward as far as the various costume aspects. However, another designer’s costume will not be replicated.

Your costume will be made specifically for you, your measurements, the genre, music, and mood of the piece.

We have been asked to replicate our own designs of the past for group numbers, particularly when they have a new addition or if a costume is lost. In this event, we ask that a sample costume be provided to us for replication in the desired size.  While we may have made a number of the said costume, we cannot recall all techniques used for a specific costume; better techniques are introduced on a continuous basis.  Additionally, minor tweaks are usually not noted in the main pattern.  

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you will get an invoice requesting 50% payment of the order along with the payment instructions regardless of which brand of merchandise that you are purchasing.  Once you have paid the initial deposit directly or through our Web Site, we will either schedule or begin your order, depending on the workload at the time of order.  When production is complete, you will receive notification with a final invoice.  The order will be released for shipment or pickup when the invoice has been paid in full.  If your final invoice is paid by check, it must first clear the bank before the order is shipped.

I have an invoice now what?

If you received an invoice, you must have requested a quote.  If no payment is made, your invoice/quote goes away within certain hours, depending on the existing workload; the deadline will be noted on your invoice or separate notification. Your quote may be nullified earlier if other deposits are received while you are undecided.

We realize that there is much communication about a custom costume. We address these issues as we work up to and though your costume creation AFTER a deposit is made. 

Prior to making a deposit, we spend about 60-90 minutes discussing budget, likes, dislikes, etc. before issuing a quote. Please be prepared for these discussions having the complete idea of the choreographer, studio owner, teacher, or whomever is in charge of the final say. Please be courteous of others’ time.

It is important that you are able to articulate your specific requests.  For instance, if you absolutely must have a fedora and you ask for a fedora hat and it is in your quote, you will get a fedora hat.  You will not get a fascinator.  It is not as important that you know the terminology “fascinator”, but it is important that you are capable of requesting  a mini fedora style head piece. Likewise, when you request “bloomers”, this tells us that you want loose fitting short pants with elasticized legs and waist with ruffles at the hem…they are not briefs, and they are not booty-shorts.  

If you don’t know the terminology, that’s’ OK, but be sure you can describe what you are requesting in detail or use photos and drawings, which can also help so that we are both on the same page.

Why must I pay a deposit before seeing a dance costume design?

Our first question will be about your budget.  That will be the first step in determining whether or not we can even do your project within your budget.  We will then ask you for some thoughts and ideas on colors, style, likes, dislikes, etc.  The next step is to submit your deposit acknowledging agreement with the quote invoice.  

After receiving a deposit, we will prepare a rendering (design drawing) for you. Sometimes when we are feeling particularly inspired, we may prepare multiple designs or variations, whereas you may select one of them.  

We do not share our renderings with you prior to receiving a deposit for the obvious:  1. we work for you once a deposit has been made; 2.  we do not release a design as a measure of protection from counterfeiting until a deposit has been received.

How are payments handled on Custom Costumes (Dancer Measurements Specific)?

On all custom orders, a minimum of 50% deposit is required. We will collaborate initially to develop a design and usually we offer choices throughout the process on selections as options present themselves; notification is sent out when the garment is complete. Final payment is required within a specified time frame after the completion of your costume.  The time allotted to pay the balance will be stated on your invoice. If the balance has not been paid for in full after the specified time frame allotted, the item may be be put up for sale to recoup the unpaid balance. If your costume is in the higher price brackets, you may be required to pay a 25% installment of the total order before rhinestoning and/or other embellishments begin.

Will I get a design rendering?

Generally, yes.  It does depend on your project.  If you are ordering an ensemble costume, then we find that it helps to have a rendering that keeps our focus on the end result, look, and feel of the project. However, if you are just ordering a pair of wrist cuffs, then, no.  

Sometimes, we create multiple drawings. We may create different structural designs also to test different approaches to the look of the costume project (i.e. a single piece front leo vs. bodice and brief attached at the brief waist).  In some cases this is done when the body is out of average proportions.

With multiples, we let the customer choose

Multiple versions of a costume are also created if the customer is very rigid in certain design elements that we feel would look better designed slightly different. Often when this is done, we give the customer the option of which costume that they would like to continue with.  On such occasions, the second costume is released the year following.   

We release multiples of a costume to recoup costs when…

If we scrap any of the ideas presented, any of the finished items are posted for immediately sale.  If the second version of the costume is created due to failure to meet our requests, the costume will be sold immediately to recoup labor and materials expenses that could have been avoided.

Will I get progress reports?


We love to share the progress of our creations.  This is our way of keeping you in the loop..  Additionally, it gives the customer input into the product end result.  Customers may ask for tweaks along the way, however not commenting on the progress is understood to be in agreement to date.

Many times throughout the creation process of a costume, we come across options. We love to give our customers choices.

Any customer input should be made at the time the progress report is shared so that we are not backtracking. 

Shipping of orders over $50

When the order is over $50, the parcel will be insured. Sometimes USPS will require a signature. If you were unable to be present to sign for the delivery, you will be able to go online to usps.com & reschedule the delivery at a time that you will be at the address used for shipping.  The Post Office will hold your parcel for two weeks from their initial attempt to deliver before sending the item back to us.

If your order gets returned to us, please contact us to issue a postage invoice for you to pay. Once you pay for this, we can reship the item to you.

If you decide not to accept your shipment, you will be responsible for actual shipping, insurance, and a 20% restocking fee for ready-made items.  Custom items, specific to your measurements, are non-refundable.

Shipping Packaging & Options

Domestic: Currently, we ship with USPS, priority mail & insured.  Unless the customer specifically requests otherwise.  

If you have supplied items, trims, fabrics, our shipping insurance does not cover these items. If we didn’t purchase the item, we do not know its value. You must request additional coverage for your items that were used in your project. Needless to say, this will result in an increased or additional charge for your parcel.

International: All our international customers are responsible for any taxes, customs, and tariffs due upon arrival in their Country. We ship USPS for international shipments.

If expedited shipping is requested, the customer must request it prior to shipping. Duh. An additional invoice may be issued to accommodate the additional shipping charges.

Shipments are prepared with extreme care to guard against moisture and handling damage.  Items are usually wrapped and sealed, sometimes vacuum packed, with a generous amount of packing materials and tape, and placed in other containers or bags (also wrapped and sealed) within the outer shipping, bag, box, or envelope. Contents are intended to be secure, and as such, we may also spray adhesive on the inside of the containers to keep sealed contents from rattling or shifting during shipment.  We have found that this is also a good deterrent for mail theft.

Although the packing materials can be cumbersome to navigate through for the customer, we want to make sure they receive the product exactly how we prepared it just for them.  Please use the greatest care when using knives, razors, or scissors to open the packages as you may cut into the garment or product.  Do not use a box-cutter to fillet your shipment open. Cut only at seams of packing on the very edge of the tape, and then peel away the tape enough to remove the contents.  There is a charge to re-create product that you cut or damage; so please be very careful.

Do you take returns, what if I took wrong measurements, changes during production costs?

Monies paid, whether deposit or final payment, on our custom costumes are not refundable. Our custom and semi-custom products are both nonrefundable and nonreturnable.

If you submitted the wrong measurements, and based upon those measurements the costume does not fit, we will make the necessary changes for a fee or you may choose to take them to your local seamstress.  We are here to assist you with the measurements so that you take them correctly. Additionally, our web page Measurements explains several basic measurements and has diagrams to also assist. Customers are given a password to enter the Measurements page.  Before we finalize your costume, a fitting is offered, either in person, or via remote.

Most of our costumes and garments are created with specific measurements of the individual wearers.  Another option for pattern creation would be to use our generalized sizing. For generalized sizing, measurements are not required by us as you simply order by size. Generalized sizing may be used for group costumes that are alike on similarly sized wearers to decrease the pattern making charges. It is up to the customer to compare our generalized measurements with that of the wearers/performers to determine how many of each size that they require…or if that method of sizing will work for them.  Items created specifically for your order whether specific or generalized measurements are non-returnable and non-refundable.

If changes are made to the design of the costume after the design agreement has been made,  we will need to re-evaluate the cost of the detailed changes, which usually start from $75. Please note that the anticipated delivery date of the final product may also be delayed due to requesting changes.

You will be responsible for shipping charges, and your invoice will reflect that, and you will be responsible for future shipments should the product need to be altered due to inaccurate measurements, including dancer’s weight fluctuations, and/or changes to the design.  These additional shipping charges will also be your responsibility.

If we goofed, that would be a rarity, and we would take full responsibility to make it right.

Remote Fittings

A remote fitting is the process of sending our far-away customer a pieced together costume or garment and instructions as to how and where to pin the costume for a proper fit.  Instructions are usually done via a video, and additional assistance through video chat. 

Ideally, we are viewing your fitting in a video chat, and this process is a collaborative effort in order to get the best fit for your dancer.  Each person wears their garments differently, but many of the dancers that we have costumed prefer a snug fit. 

We are available through an appointment basis for the video conference call.  Please schedule it with us to make sure that we are available on the date/time desired. Please don’t miss your appointment as there may be a charge for the next one.

Remote fittings usually entail straps and verifying girth fit, but they also can entail the width and height of the various pieces.

After we do our video fitting, it is strongly suggested that you have your dancer do a run-through of their routine in-costume with their choreographer or studio director.This is essential to offering additional feedback and requests while your costume is in its preliminary stages, which is a time where it is not a big deal to make changes.Changes are increasingly difficult to do once rhinestones have been applied.Hence the reason why we do a fitting.

The customer sends the costume back after it has been pinned and makes comments or additional requests. Additional requests that are design changes require that a change order fee (minimum $75) be paid. Change order fees do not include additional materials needed to create the change(s).Please note that change orders can only be done while the garment is in production. Any changes to a completed item requires a new quote.

We expect you to wear either underwear or a pantyliner for either your local OR remote fitting.  Since your product is not yet complete, we still have work to do on it.  So, no hoo-ha juice, skid-marks, or tally-wacker tracks.

I'd like to see fabric samples. Is that possible?

If you would like to be involved with the actual selection between multiple fabrics, we can send images through text or social media direct messaging. Please note that photos are not always an accurate depiction of the actual colors due to differences in digital hardware/processing/video cards. 

Payment Did Not Go Through

We use PayPal for our credit card processing. PayPal uses the information you set up your LSC account with such as your email.  If the email address is not linked to a PayPal account, PayPal will reject it. If this happens, we can send you a direct invoice from either PayPal or preferably ZellePay.

Do you take personal checks?

Personal Checks vs. Costuming Deadline

No.  Our bank has recently confirmed that it  takes 30 days for a check to “clear.” The customer would have to wait 30 days after the final payment by check to have their custom dance costumes shipped.  Yes, there is a 30 day wait for checks to clear in this age of electronics. (confirmed 2019).

For same-as cash or check, we can bill you via ZellePay if you bank at a US bank.  It works Bank-to-Bank.  You have the option of paying with a credit card with ZellePay.


Are your ContenderWear™ and HotMess Dance Apparel™ items hand-made?

All our ContenderWear™ and HotMess Dance Apparel™ items are handmade…even the Archerciser™! We suppose, however, that depends upon what your definition of handmade is.

All ContenderWear™ and most HotMess Dance Apparel™ and Plain Brown Label™ creations are born out of quadrilateral pieces of fabric, yards and yards of trim, etc. purchased from various wholesale outlets in the Los Angeles Textile District. When we say hand-made, it means that we do use sewing and overlock machines, and yes they are electrical. We also use power tools to make our elements for our Archerciser™ products. Without these tools, we would probably still be working on the first item.

We use modern electrical appliances and tools to create our masterpieces.

What differentiates your product from others?

Our Costumes & Products

All ContenderWear™, Custom Plain Brown Label™,  Custom HotMess Dance Apparel™ , and Archerciser™ are made from quadrilateral pieces of fabric in house.  Lona Smith Creates™ making the items in-house means that we are the designer,  sketch artist, pattern maker, planner, buyer, manufacturer, decorator/embellisher, etc.  We are communicating with our customers throughout the process while we are making their masterpiece costume.  We can control the fit and quality because the work is not farmed out.


Costume Designers/Decorators

Some who sell costumes have been around the dance world enough to know a little about design and how front of a garment needs to be connected to the back and where the straps need to be to prevent mishaps.  These designers/decorators usually do not sew and  will have a 3rd party create their leo or two piece from the rendering that they supply.

Some of the pitfalls of not having a costume created in-house include:

  • Inconsistent or poor fit, not all seamstresses that create bases have equal skillset.
  • Inconsistent quality, mainly due to using multiple people for outsourcing.
  • No desire nor skill set to make adjustments by Designer/Decorator


There are some that like to rhinestone prefab base costumes and sell them to their customers.  Their base costumes are sometimes born out of everyday dance wear.  The Decorators, or deco-moms, rhinestone these bases to sell as costumes.

Some of the pitfalls of not having a costume created in-house include:

  • Inconsistent or poor fit  of off-the-shelf dance wear that is made to span a range of inches
  • inconsistent quality, depends on either brand or seamstress
  • No skill set to make adjustments by the Decorator


Are your products new?

Yes, all our items are new, and they come from a smoke-free environment. The young ladies that model our apparel and costumes wear undergarments and panty-shields.

To date, all the fabrics that we have worked with have been washed prior to starting a project with them. The fabrics that we use are mostly procured from the the Los Angeles Textile District, which means they are stored in warehouses and shops.

Upon washing the textiles, we can better determine the fabrics’ or trims’ suitability for our specific needs.

We realize that used costumes can be purchased at great discounts on various sites.  These costumes are sometimes sold as “professionally cleaned.”  Dry-cleaning generally loosens and/or removes rhinestones, washing can result in some colors bleeding, spot cleaning can leave rings around the area.   Personally, we would never put a body into a costume that has been “soiled” by another persons sweat, fluids or “discharges.”

We provide our customers with the details about how to clean your LSC costume.  We know what processes went into creating your costume; we know what will work best, giving your product longevity and maintaining that resale value.

On occasion, we will list on a separate page under “Gently Used” our previously sold product(s). It is not part of our store, and interested parties must contact us directly to purchase.  We must be able to inspect such item as to certify its condition to be like new, and we ship it directly.  

Can you work with my choreographer on a costume or its requirements?

 We work with the person, usually, who pays us.

When we work with and are paid by  studios, usually for group numbers, we usually have a point of contact with the studio, and that point of contact is designated by the studio director.  

If a parent is the designated as the coordinator, they are responsible (in a group setting) for collecting all funds and paying the deposits and balances as well as submitting all the accurate measurements. Additionally, they must be able to articulate the costume desired and any restrictions or requirements.

If you have commissioned a soloist costume with us, it is up to you to serve as the liaison between all the pertinent people, who have a say in the costume.  Additionally if your studio has a very strict costume code, it is up to you to submit those restrictions and/or measurements of length of skirts, tops, coverage, etc. 

Can you work with my fabric & trim that I bought?

We would prefer not to.

We have worked with client-provided fabrics and trims for soloists in the past, but that journey has become arduous and time-consuming for us at our busiest times.  Some customers have thought this would bring about a discount, when in fact, it has cost them more due to purchase of  items that cannot be used or when they do not provide enough materials.. 

We must be notified pre-estimate/pre-deposit of the item that you will be providing. These items must be approved pre-estimate/pre-deposit, and the materials must be in-hand 10-14 days prior to project commencement.  

The following outlines stretch requirements for dance wear, gymnastics, and costumes for dance, and skating:

  • Stretch must be 4-way, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal in each direction
  • Stretch must be 70% or more to work with our sizing charts, particularly for leos, unitards, biketards, gymnastics wear, dance wear, skate wear, etc.
    • Metric (Centimeters)
      • Take 10 cm length square of fabric (unstretched).
      • Line it up with the ruler from 0-10, holding firmly
      • Now stretch the end where you are holding it by the “10”
      • If it stretches (in both directions, horizontal & vertical) to at least 17 cm, the fabric is suitable
    • Imperial Ruler (Inches)
      • Take a 5 inch length square of fabric (unstretched).
      • Line it up with the ruler from 0-5 inches
      • Now stretch the end where you are holding it by the “5”
      • Do the math:
        • Length stretched – 5 = x
        • x/5 = y (y being the decimal format of x/5)
        • y*100 = stretch percent
      • In short (stretching in both directions, horizontal & vertical):
        • If it stretches from 5″ to 5 1/2″ = 10%
        • If it stretches from 5″ to 6″ = 20%
        • If it stretches from 5″ to 7″ = 40%
        • If it stretches from 5″ to 8 = 60%
        • If it stretches from 5″ to 8.5″ = 70%
        • If it stretches from 5″ to 9″ = 80% 

Providing your own items may actually result in an increased total invoice due to the accommodations that have to be made for items that we do not normally work with or yardage accounting.  Additionally, trims and decorations will have a fee for labor and a separate fee to prepare any items that need to be trimmed, dyed, or tweaked to be ready to apply to a garment. We ask that any and all items that you would like to provide are delivered to us before a deposit is made.  We will then determine if your products are doable in our applications. Please do not send us items once your project in underway.  Constantly sending us things hinders our workflow, schedule, progress, and creativity.  If you need to send us items other than at the beginning of our communications, you should probably find another costumer or sew it yourself.

If you have a hand in the design, limited stretch fabrics provided, and/or have staff to decorate a base, please note that we do not maintain nor fix these items based on limitations and outcomes that may arise in such situations. While we can appreciate that you are trying to do things on a tight budget, we cannot meet your budget at our expense.  

Fabrics that have glitter, sequins, or a nap take more machine maintenance than a nylon/spandex/lycra/tricot.  Therefore the fee that addresses certain upkeep will be adjusted accordingly. 

If you insist on using fabric that is not the normally used fabric type and stretch for the specific project and/or our recommendations , the responsibility is yours; we do not assume any responsibility for the outcome of the proposed garment, its fit, or functionality.  If you supply materials for your project, be prepared for the possibility of fees relating to delays caused and/or difficulty in working with materials that have an adversely affect our equipment and are not customary for your project.

Any provided fabrics must be in 5 (five) yard continuous lengths.  When we quote your project, we only include yardage for what we are initially estimating.  Since we order from suppliers that require 5-yard minimums, going over our estimated yardage will not result in added fees for the customer as we honor our quote (unless customer-initiated change-orders have occurred). So we expect the customer to purchase in 5-yard increments if they are providing fabrics or they will have additional expenses if the yardage falls short.

Please note that when a product ships out, it will be shipped with insurance covering only our portion of the project.  If you provide fabrics, it is up to you to indicate to us that you want that included in the insured value, which will result in additional shipping charges passed on to you, the customer.  Should the parcel go missing, we are only liable for the labor and product up to the paid invoice. If the parcel goes missing, you will need to secure additional fabrics for us at your cost if there is time to recreate your costume, unless you have paid extra for insurance of YOUR fabrics.

We expect the customer to convey any and all thoughts on the project at the onset before we write the estimate.  While we will ask for input when options arise, we want to dissuade micro-managing, which affects the project in a counterproductive kind of way.

Do you make your own costume bases?

LSC: Maker of Costumes for dance, including bases

Yes, all our ContenderWear™ costumes are made from the bolt of the fabric to stage ready under atelier Lona Smith.  We do not farm out the work, and there are several reasons why we do not do this for our ContenderWear™ products.

Many of our ContenderWear™ costume elements are sewn-in while constructing the garment base.  This includes but is not limited to designer clasps, hooks, closures, buttons, zippers, straps, etc. We want consistency in our products, and we find that subcontracting out parts of the process would tend to not meet our high standards.

With HotMess Dance Apparel™, we sometimes work with customer provided parts and embellishments.  These types of items would be dependent upon the customers’ standards, and we would only be setting the standard for the application, and sometimes deconstruction & reconstruction.

With Plain Brown Label™, we sometimes purchase bases.  These bases are national brand products, where we know the quality to have good consistency in both quality and sizing.

Standard Sizing of Ready-Made
What brand are your rhinestones that you use in your applications?

We’re glad you asked that! We have worked with both Swarovski® and Preciosa® brands of Rhinestones extensively.  We started out decades ago only using Swarovski®, and we still offer them as an option for our customer as well as Preciosa® brand rhinestones.

  • Both Swarovski® & Preciosa® rhinestones have developed their high quality crystals virtually lead free, making them safer for our customers and their dancers.
  • Both Swarovski® & Preciosa® rhinestones have a beautiful cut and have superb brilliance.
  • Preciosa® Rhinestones do not protrude as much as their Swarovski® counterparts, making them more comfortable for the wearer when performing floor work.
  • Preciosa® rhinestones are less expensive than Swarovski®.

For more information about number of facets and such, please visit our Rhinestone blog page:  Facets

We have added our own private label stones:
ContenderWear Austrian Crystal – High End Crystal
LSC Private Label Rhinestones – Budget

What are the care instructions

Custom Costume Cleaning Instructions

Generally, our HotMess Dance Apparel™ items can be washed under gentle setting or preferably by hand with mild detergent (i.e. Zout, Woolite Gentle Cycle) and line dry, but preferably dry flat.

ContenderWear™ items are spot clean only on a performance-to-performance basis, however, you will receive care instructions with your order. All fabrics are washed before use. Items that are dyed, depending upon the color, may bleed.  Dye, bleeding fabrics, trims or fabrics that cannot be washed may not apply to your masterpiece, so with your ContenderWear™ product, you will receive very specific, detailed instructions for cleaning. We recommend “Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes” to keep your costume fresh smelling until the end of season cleaning. We do not recommend any alcohol products, which may facilitate color bleeding of otherwise colorfast fabrics.

Regardless of which brand you purchased, we recommend a steamer for smoothing out the fabric rather than an iron, which may easily burn or leave marks or residue on the fabrics.

All Archerciser™ products are spot clean only.

Can I dry clean my ContenderWear™ product?


Understand what dry cleaning does:  it cleans and presses.  Dry cleaning involves the use of a chemical solution, usually perc, petroleum or hydrocarbon, silicon or D5, Liquid CO2 or the new and very green Solvon K4, instead of water. As such, garments that smell of body odor, smoke, mold or even perfume need special attention in addition to the normal dry cleaning process.

The following fabrics should be dry cleaned only:

  • taffeta
  • silk
  • wool
  • nonstretch velvet
  • acetate
  • fabric blends that include rayon and silk
  • suede or leather also should be dry-cleaned

Dance costumes are usually made of lycra, spandex, tulle, organza, and various decorative fabrics that may contain rhinestones and/or sequin.  Never use high heat on any of these!  We recommend end of year cleaning, which will be outlined with your order.

What is your PBL (Plain Brown Label™ ) brand of costumes?

Custom & Semi Custom Dance & Cosplay Costuming

Plain Brown Label™ (PBL) is a brand that we came up with for inexpensive costuming, usually under $400 and can be either custom or “semi-custom.”  PBL is a complete costume ensemble..

Custom PBL costumes are made from quadrilateral pieces of fabric.

The PBL semi-custom dance costumes get custom additions to factory name-brand items such as leos, crop tops, shorts, and briefs. These custom additions are any one or more of the following:

  • appliques
  • rhinestones
  • metal
  • pearls
  • lace or trim
  • skirt
  • sash

As with our other dance costume brands, we use components for embellishments that have been assembled elsewhere (i.e. banding, trim, strands) and sold to us by our “suppliers.”  We use well-known, name-brands embellishments from our vetted suppliers.

The same people that make ContenderWear™ high-end costumes make PBL costumes.  Cost-cutting measures are taken with creating PBL costumes in order to offer a budget friendly product.  

The fit of a PBL costume is dependent upon proper measurements by the customer, and if purchasing a pre-made costume, they must determine if their dancer’s measurements correlate with our general sizing. Our sizing chart can be found at the top of this page.

As with any of our dance costume, cosplay, wedding, liturgy, brands, we do not maintain the PBL costume during your competitive or performance season.  However, if our schedule permits, we may be able to also do repairs or alterations on your clean LSC costume. 

If there is any concern, please contact us immediately, as we want you to be as excited about your PBL costume as we are.


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Do you sell fabrics?

We are up to our neck in costuming fabrics!

Yes!  As a result of doing costuming, we have many, many fabrics on hand.  If you sew and need fabrics, chances are that we have it or can get it.
We are very particular about our fabrics and our suppliers, which have come about from a lot of searching, traveling, and hours and hours of work.
Our list of suppliers are proprietary.  So please don’t ask us for our suppliers’ information.

Can you tell me what LiturgyWear™ and NuptialWear™ are all about?

LiturgyWear™ was developed as a response to the many inquiries that we get around Christian Holidays such has Christmas, Easter, etc. The Praise Dancers require dance dresses, skirts, leotards, etc. for their praise dance worship. These garments are usually a solid color and without any rhinestones.

NuptialWear™ is everything for the wedding that needs to be altered, rhinestoned, and amped up. NuptialWear is mostly semi-custom, meaning customized alterations and additions on existing product. The full garments that we make under the NuptialWear Label, i.e. dresses, lingerie, etc., are very sleek and made of 4-way stretch…no poofy stuff.

Do you work with existing costumes or separates?

Our work with pre-fab or customer purchased separates/costumes

Yes, we regularly spruce up separate tops and bottoms to create a cohesive look for group numbers.  We refer to this as alterations, tweaks, and add-ons under the HotMess Dance Apparel™ Label.  We encourage the use of additions in such a manner that the existing garment does not have to be disassembled before adding the new components.  Having to take apart an existing costume will dramatically increase the price of the work being done.

Semi-custom costumes that have limited rhinestones on them have also been done under Plain Brown Label ™ brand.

ContenderWear™ & NuptialWear™: Added Bling!
We have also unleashed our bling and changed the look of ready-made costumes  for the purpose of enhancing a pre-fab costume to be used for a soloist or group in the competition arena under the ContenderWear™ label.  Under NuptialWear™, we have decorated many dresses and accessories for the brides and their wedding party.


When and where do you procure materials for our order?

We have many materials and embellishments on hand.  If we do not have specific materials required to create your project, we literally shop from all over the world.  

On Wednesdays, we go to some “outlets”, and if we don’t find what we need, we go to the fashion and textile district.

Novelty fabrics and embellishments are sometimes procured from various wholesale “outlets” that we have discovered along the way, allowing us to purchase small quantities of unique items at a great price.

Can you give me the names of your suppliers?


We have literally scoured the Earth to find products that are exceptional and that meet our high standards.  It takes a lot of time to find fabulous sources for what goes into our products.

 If you need an item that we use in our applications, please DO ask to purchase it from our store, and if possible, we will create a listing for you or we can bill you via ZellePay, Chase Quick Pay, or PayPal.

Where do you find supplies?

With access to the ever so prevalent internet, we literally buy our supplies from around the world.

We are fortunate also that we are within driving distance to the Los Angeles fashion and textile district, where many wholesalers do not offer on-line shopping. 


Local Southern California

We’ve made our marks in these communities.  Recognize any?

Contra Costa County

  • Brentwood
  • Richmond
  • Walnut Creek

LA County

  • Azusa
  • Belmont Shore
  • Beverly Hills
  • Claremont
  • Covina
  • Diamond Bar
  • La Puente
  • La Verne
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • North Hollywood
  • Pasadena
  • Pomona
  • Redondo Beach
  • West Covia
  • Whittier

Orange County

  • Anaheim
  • Brea
  • Costa Mesa
  • Fullerton
  • Laguna Beach
  • Orange
  • Santa Ana
  • Seal Beach
  • Tustin
  • Westminster
  • Yorba Linda

Riverside County

  • Banning
  • Beaumont
  • Cabazon
  • Canyon Lake
  • Cathedral City
  • Corona
  • Eastvale
  • Hemet
  • Idyllwild
  • Indio
  • Jurupa
  • La Quinta
  • Lake Elsinore
  • Menifee
  • Mira Loma
  • Moreno Valley
  • Murierra
  • Norco
  • Nuevo
  • Palm Desert
  • Palm Springs
  • Perris
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Riverside
  • San Jacinto
  • Temecula
  • Wildomar
  • Woodcrest

San Bernardino County

  • Apple Valley
  • Arrowhead Lake
  • Big Bear Lake
  • Bloomington
  • Chino
  • Chino Hills
  • Colton
  • Fontana
  • Grand Terrace
  • Highland
  • Loma Linda
  • Montclair
  • Redlands
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Rialto
  • San Bernardino
  • Upland
  • Yucaipa

San Diego County

  • Carlsbad
  • Chula Vista
  • Coronado
  • El Cajon
  • Escondido
  • Fallbrook
  • La Jolla
  • Oceanside
  • Rancho Bernardo
  • San Diego
  • San Marcos
  • Vista
Across the US
  • Alabama
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennesee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virgina
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

We hit the international scene in 2018


United Kingdom

  • England
  • Scotland

North America

  • Canada
Dance Studios

Do you recognize any of these studios?

  • Aurora Monroe School of Dance, California
  • Barfield School of Dance LLC, Tennessee
  • Cary Dance Productions, North Carolina
  • Dance Barre, Canada
  • Dance Riverside, California
  • DanceWorks, Indiana
  • Dancing Images Dance Center, California
  • Elite Dance Force, Louisiana
  • Florida Dance Workshop, Florida
  • In Motion Training Center, California
  • Just Dancin’, New Jersey
  • Just Plain Dancin’, California
  • Miki’s Dance Studio, North Dakota
  • Modern Conceptions of Dance, Louisiana
  • No Limits Dance Academy, California
  • NorthPointe Dance Academy, Ohio
  • Perfect Pointe SOD, California
  • PowerHouse Dance, Connecticut
  • Schwimers The Dance Center, California
  • Studio 19 Dance Complex, Pennsylvania
  • Studio 84, Illinois
  • Sullivan Dance Studio, Illinois
  • Susan’s Studio of Dance, Texas
  • The Dance Place, New York
  • The Dancers’ Studio, California
  • The Surge Dance Center, Washington
  • Xtreme Dance, Iowa

Do you have additional questions?

Then text or phone: 951.268.4452

We look forward to our meet-up and collaboration!

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