Our Customers

Iris Custom Dance Costume

Who are our customers?

We mainly are contracted and work with parents of competitors and studio choreographers.

Working Directly with Wearer


The parent or guardian contacts us directly to commission a solo costume for their competitor.  We take on the project with the understanding that approval has been received from the costume police at the studio if the dancer is part of a studio.  If they are independent, the only consideration of approval would be within the competition regulations. 

We also create custom dancewear and bases under our HMDA brand to specific measurements, and our contact is primarily with the dancer”s parent or guardian.  

On some occasions, we work directly with the dancer for either custom costuming or dance wear.  Usually in such a case, the dancer has been in dance for many years and know what they want.


Cosplayers contact us directly and usually provide images of the character(s) that they want to play.  We take it from there.

Formal Wear

We have created formal wear for weddings and proms.  


Wedding Party


Color Guard


Dance Studio

Stage Production

Best practices include checking with the costume police or garb-gestapo at your studio before committing to a costume design.




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