ContenderWear™ Discounts

ContenderWear™ may promote a discount structure for all-encompassing custom costume orders, specific to your measurements.  Discounts can range from 10-20%, depending upon the number of costumes that are created from scratch to stage ready for your school, studio, or group and, very importantly, how payment is received.

  • Our standard pricing is found on our Etsy.
  • A discounted structure is applied on our Shoppe.
  • Ask about the best discount structure for you

ContenderWear™ has custom one-of-a-kind costumes on hand.  If sufficient stock is on hand, an annual sale will be held to make room for new designs.  Sales may be announced at one or more of the following sites:,, and/or However, the coupon code will be issued to our newsletter subscribers only.  You are welcome to subscribe on our Shoppe page or on this page at the right hand side.  Sales cannot be combined with other discounts.

Lay-Away Program

Lay-away is a 90-day option to pay on Lona Smith Creates™ brands: Contenderwear™, HotMess Dance Apparel™, LiturgyWear™, and Archerciser™.  A 25% non-refundable deposit is due upon order; a 25% non-refundable payment is due at 30 days; a 25% non-refundable payment is due at 60 days; and the final 25% is due at 90 days.

Once the final payment has been received and cleared, the lay-away order will either be shipped or available for pick-up depending on what arrangements were made.

Late payments of 5 days or more incur a $15 late fee; after 15 days, your lay-away items are put back into inventory and monies paid are forfeited. So please pay timely.

You will need to contact us via email ( or phone (951.268.4452) for initiation of this option.

Our layaway plan does not include custom made products to your specifications, as that has its own schedule of payments.

Annual Sale

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Ambassador Search

Scroll down to see benefits and duties.

HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador

In 2018, we kicked off our HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador program.  We searched publicly for candidates to serve as our HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador(s) for a specified time frame.  We considered social media accounts, followers, insight to HotMess Dance Apparel™ products, positive outlook, etc.  Selections were made based upon their total “score”; each question had a maximum score.

We may change certain requirements of our HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassador Program in any upcoming contest.  It all depends upon our vision and how best to implement programs for our every dynamic future.  Our HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors of 2018, served as pioneers for some of our programs and promotions, and they will forever be our “first.”  As a result, they have been retained for 2019.

HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors are selected to share tasteful, clear photos of themselves in our designs, tagging the brands, referencing our Web Site, etc., in return they will receive HotMess Dance Apparel™ products at intervals throughout the year.


  • HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors will prominently display our link continuously throughout the year in their profile description in Instagram (i.e. @lonasmithcreates or
  • HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors portray HMDA and/or sister brands in a positive way on your publicly accessible social networks 2-3 times per month, meaning 2-3 new posts with new photos of you wearing or utilizing HMDA and/or sister brand
    products). Preferred social networks include the following: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube,
    utilizing any or all “#hotmessdanceapparel”, “#lonasmithcreates”, “#contenderwear”, “#pbl_costumes”, “” as deemed appropriate.
  • Share HotMess Dance Apparel™ promotional activity with friends and followers as discounts and promotions become available.
  • HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors do not have or seek other ambassadorships of competing (like) products to ours.
  • Ambassadors that also serve as models for HMDA and sister brands’ official marketing photos will be required to attend
    photoshoots 3-4 times during the calendar year. Location will be in the Inland Empire in Southern California.

Additionally, HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors may also serve as photo and live models for products of any given product line under the Lona Smith Creates™ umbrella.  Photos and videos may be posted on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, our Web Site, and various marketing materials, campaigns, and programs.  A photo, video, likeness, and liability release is required of our HotMess Dance Apparel™ Ambassadors.  If the Ambassador is not of legal age, a parent or guardian must sign the release form.  Ambassadors, who model our products for our advertising campaigns, must reside in or within driving proximity of the Inland Empire in Southern California. Not all Ambassadors are models in our campaigns.


  • Goodies! We want to reward our loyal and dutiful ambassadors with goodies, custom goodies that are made just for them.
  • Print Models will also receive digital photos to build their portfolio.
  • Discount on purchases (2018 discounts: ContenderWear Products 20%; HMDA 15% on items =>$15)
  • Social Media buzz
  • Recognition! Models are the “face” of HMDA and their sister brands.
  • Experience!
  • Optional: Behind-the-scenes access to design projects
  • Optional: A hands-on introduction in the garment industry

Depending upon the selected candidate, we are open to additional collaborations that give the Ambassador a behind the scenes look and experience of garment design and creation. Our products are designed, rendered, and created from quadrilateral pieces of fabric, and we make patterns too.  This would be ideal if you love couture, design, sewing, and/or are looking to enter the fashion industry.

We recognize that our ambassadors are marketing for us, and we truly appreciate it.  We want to reward our ambassadors’ loyalty and commitment.  Many of the items that our ambassadors receive are custom-made, mostly they are made specifically for each ambassador’s body type.  We are a very small organization, and creating custom items is very time consuming.  With that in mind, the duties of the ambassador must be followed to the letter to remain in the program. If a runner-up is chosen along with an over-all winner, the runner up will be eligible to participate and receive “goodies” as long as they abide by the terms of the program.

  • Ambassadors within HMDA-AMP (Ambassador/Model Program) may be removed from the program if they fail to meet requirements or duties.
  • Alternates (runners-up) will be chosen in the event that the Ambassador cannot fulfill their duties

Whether or not we hold a contest will depend on our work orders currently in the queue.   Initially intended as an annual program, it will be driven by how busy we are toward the end of the year and how well our ambassadors have served HotMess Dance Apparel™.  The ambassadorship is intended for a one calendar year term while the ambassador fulfills the required criteria of an ambassador.  Their “ambassadorship” may be formally extended.