ContenderWear™ Line Item Quotes

Pattern Creation from $21

Patterns — Each article that we create requires a pattern to be made. Pattern creation is a two part step.

  1. Once your design is rendered and approved, we continue the process of detailing how the project will come together.  This starts at $16, which represents the design and workings of your pattern.  This is per article, per size.
  2. After the project is a go, we actually create the pattern according to specs.  The charge for pattern materials is usually about $5 per small item or $10 a larger item.  This charge is per item, per size.

We can also create patterns for you if you sew, starting at $40. Our patterns are paper and come with minimal instruction.

The above pricing, depends upon complexity.  Usually to cover both items #1 & #2 above, we may simply charge a single line item under pattern creation. For group numbers, generalized sizing may be used.  Our general size chart can be found  on our F.A.Q page.

Cutting & Layout from $25

Cutting & Layout — This line item includes several charges that vary from job to job.  It includes:

  • Handling
  • Maintenance
  • Layout Process

Specific tools, including maintenance of the tools, and ample time is taken for the process of cutting, handling, and layout of your project; Cutting & Layout start at $25.  

Certain fabrics wreak havoc on our machinery and tools, and cutting & layout for those fabrics start at $35.  These fabrics include stretch velvet/velour, shiny pleather, and other fabrics with a nap/pile, sticky, or heavy thickness.

Notions from $25

Notions — Supplies for any ContenderWear™ soloist or group HotMess Dance Apparel™ project includes notions and starts at $25. Notions include threads for over-lock, cover stitch machine, and regular sewing of a single color, elastics, utility zipper (if needed), and unseen, basic snaps or basic hook and eye (if needed).

Fabrics from $2

Fabrics — We prefer to supply the fabrics as there are preferred textiles

for highly specific projects. Price of textiles vary per yard. Most of the fabrics that we use are high-end and specifically designed for performance and comfort. The following are examples of various fabric pricing, available in increments of one yard:

  • Sequined or beaded accent fabrics, starting at $38/yard
  • 4-Way Stretch Performance, starting at $30/yard
  • Lining, starting at $15/yard
  • Premium Chiffon, starting at $12/yard
  • Premium Organza, starting at $10/yard
  • Tulle, starting at $2/yard
Construction from $95

Assembly/Garment Construction — Labor or assembly pricing depends entirely on the complexity and detail of the project as they can add hours of time to creation of your masterpiece. ContenderWear project construction pricing starts at $95 per costume. Costume may be defined as:

  • Top and bottoms
  • Leo 
  • Biketard
Embellishments, Trim & Decorations

Trim — Embellishments can range from fabric to feathers, flowers and beaded trim to metals, and last but certainly not least, Swarovski® and Presciosa® crystal rhinestones and sew-on gems. Just about anything can be used to embellish a costume, and pricing is dictated by the price of the embellishments as well as the labor involved in its application.

The closures used on ContenderWear™ Brand are branded rhinestone and metal, usually silver plated and are beautiful and decorative.  Closures for HotMess Dance Apparel™ and Plain Brown Label™ costumes can be either plastic or metal.  


Custom Dye from $35

Dye — If a color match of appliques, trim, and other cotton and natural blend items is required, the process of treating items with dye starts at $35.  Dyes for synthetic fibers start at $45.

Order Changes from $75

Change Orders — After your order is quoted and started, you may find that you have items that you want to change.  As long as we are going forward, we are pretty amenable, but if this is not productive or it becomes a cost bearing process there will be costs associated with your changes that will be passed onto the customer and the anticipated delivery date may be delayed:

  • If you decide to make changes that incur cost after your project has started (your project starts after a deposit has been made and a single purchase or effort has been made toward fulfilling that design).  This can include color selection changes that affect fabric or enhancement purchases (i.e. appliques, rhinestones, thread, etc.) or design complexity design that affect labor.
  • Design changes that cannot be adequately satisfied with the approved project to date.
  • You text or message a confirmation to a design, but later change it due to differences of opinion with the final authority: i.e. choreographer, dancer, etc. This constitutes a minimum $75 change order.  We presume that you have all your ducks in a row when we agree on a project, and if not, it is your responsibility to let us know when this affirmation will be ascertained.  Please be thoughtful of others in the queue.

We provide ample imagery, communication, and documentation for you to make an informed decision BEFORE the next phase. After a piece has been cut and displayed to you on numerous occasions, know that you are asking us to step the process back beyond when we first showed you, please do not ask us to redo it once assembled. This takes us several steps backwards, and will result in your being moved back in the queue.  Also, changes will result in a minimum $75 charge.

If the piece is complete when you request changes, you will receive a new quote for a new product.


Rhinestones — We use high-end rhinestone hooks and closures, where they will be visible, for our ContenderWear™ costumes. Sewn-in, high-end rhinestone closures start at $12. Rhinestones on a ContenderWear™ soloist’s costume vary from 10-50 gross, depending upon fabric used, desired effect, and size of stones. We work with our customers to give them the look and degree of bling that they want.

The price of our rhinestones in our on-line store is the retail price. With our quotes, there will be a separate line item for adhesive.  The adhesives used will depend on the fabric choices.

Digitized Designs

Digitized Sewing & Appliques — Recognized as the ultimate in costume design are computerized designs and digitization in appliqué style to fit the developed pattern. Please message us if you are interested in this very unique enhancement.

Rush Orders From $100

Rush Orders — Orders can be expedited when a rush order fee is applied. Rush order fees are dependent upon the project and prior commitments. 

We are usually pretty fast to respond, but sometimes yes we are 6-12 weeks backed up.  We’ve been known to produce a stage complete costume with rhinestones in 1-3 days, but that totally depended upon workload.  

If you want to jump to the front of the line, sometimes that is doable, sometimes not.  At any rate, it will cost us overtime and/or sleep.  How much do you think overtime and sleep are worth?

Repairs from $15

Repairs — General repairs start at $15.  While we do not maintain your costume for your competition season, we can repair or alter it, time and staff permitting. 

More laborious repairs and alterations i.e. Reworking an existing costume, starts at $125. Tulle work, starts at $95 + materials. 


Fittings — Fittings can be done in two ways. The first way of doing a fitting is in person.  This would require you to be in our vicinity for the fitting.  We are located in the Inland Empire, in Southern California.

If you cannot be in the area and fittings are required, you will need to request a line item charge on your quote/billing for a remote fitting to cover shipping. This can be done remotely because you will receive your pre-finished product mailed to your location. Remote fittings customers are responsible for marking the product (usually with safety pins that are provided) in the areas to be adjusted. Remote fittings are responsible for postage to and from the your remote fitting/mailing address.  The line item added to your quote is for postage.  If you need assistance with this, we can do a video call with you at the time of the fitting.  In this manner, multiple fittings can also be done at your request.  A postage charge will apply to each separate fitting.

About our quotes & actual price…


Our quotes are line item quotes, which we find more forthright than a single number. A line item quote indicates what each element within the project is anticipated to cost.

Optional Items

Some line items are designated “optional” on the line-by-line written estimate, and you may choose whether or not to include the optional item in your project. The all-encompassing quote for a ContenderWear™ high-end brand soloist’s costume starts at approximately $475; the final cost may be adjusted to a lesser amount if the desired “look” is achieved with less embellishments or if discounts are available on the wholesale purchase of the embellishments, which has happened quite frequently. Costumes that have appliques, feathers, and are dripping with rhinestones are more. ContenderWear™ soloist costumes have a minimum of one (1) fitting, either remote or local, that is not optional.

Remote Fitting

If remote, the costume base will be shipped to you with safety pins in areas to pay attention to.  You will need to try on the costume and pin areas that need adjustments.  Do not worry, we are right here available on video chat should you need any assistance.  Once pinned with corrections, you will ship it back to us, where we resume creating your costume.  Finished products that are to be shipped, will have a line item for shipments. 

Lower Priced Brands

If you are looking for lower priced items, please consider our sister brands “HotMess Dance Apparel™” or “Plain Brown Label™.”  HMDA costumes for your custom dance wear, recital costume, separates, or performance costume additions and enhancements to ready made parts, or PBL costumes for a costume under $400.  PBL costumes are also one-of-a-kind for soloists, sometimes we create the parts, but we also can use ready made parts that we or you provide.  Which ever the brand, know that it is the same people creating the costumes to complete your order, and our brands are our way of differentiating certain aspects of costumes to work within your budget.

Savings & Change Orders

Once production has started on a project, any changes to a design, require an addendum to the work estimate, (written messages, texts, will suffice as an addendum, but not verbally) and changes will incur a change order fee, starting at $75. If a garment is complete when changes are requested, it will be handled as a new item quote. As much as we want to create your masterpiece, please understand that we cannot do so at a loss. Each project requires one or more trips to our suppliers, who are located in Los Angeles, requiring time, gas, and money, whether our trip is fruitful or not in securing all materials needed for your project. In the industry, our pricing is among the lowest for custom costumes, using top-quality materials and enhancements.

Thank you for your interest in Lona Smith Creates™ brands: ContenderWear™, Hot Mess Dance Apparel™ & Plain Brown Label™.

Disclaimer: Costume pricing varies by design, type, and quantity of materials used and labor. These are some of our published prices, but with how varied costuming can be, it is not an estimate nor a complete listing of expenses that go into costuming, which can come with very explicit enhancements. Please use this information as general information, non-specific as to project. Please note that pricing may change without notice. The best way to lock in your project’s price is to obtain a written estimate and place a deposit.