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Web site, shipping & Payments


First & Foremost

We take your privacy very seriously.  We do not sell or share any of your information pertaining to your account, payment, methods, email, etc.  Nothing, we share nothing with the exception of what is needed deliver or ship your order, and with that, your name and address will be shared with the selected delivery services i.e. USPS or UPS, and of course your payment source (PayPal or ZellePay).


Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, that are stored on your computer or other devices when websites are loaded in a browser. They are widely used to remember you and your preferences, either for a single visit (through a session cookie) or for multiple repeat visits (using a persistent cookie). They ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors and perform essential functions, such as allowing users to register and remain logged in.

Said simply, cookies are used for your convenience.  Cookies are what allow you to place items in the shopping cart without being logged in to or create a personal account.  They will enable you to keep your items in your shopping cart for a set amount of time.  Cookies also allow you to remain logged in.  For complete details, please visit: https://jetpack.com/support/cookies/


Processing time

The time we need to prepare an order for shipping varies. For details, please see the individual items.
Estimated shipping times for ready-made:
North America: 2-5 business days
Europe: 5-14 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 5-14 business days
We’ll do our best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them. Actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose, weather conditions, when applicable, and any delays due to customs, when shipping to countries outside of the United States of America.

Shipping Ready-Made orders over $50

When the order is over $50, the parcel will be insured for the labor and materials that we have in the order. This will require a signature upon delivery.  The shipping service will leave notification that they tried to deliver if you are not home. You will be able to go online to usps.com or ups.com & reschedule the delivery at a time that you will be at the address used for shipping. The USPS will hold your item for two weeks from their initial attempt to deliver before sending the item back to us.

If the shipping company returned the unclaimed parcel to us, please contact us to issue a new postage invoice for you. Once you pay for this, we can reship.

If you decide not to accept your shipment, you will be responsible for actual shipping, insurance, and a 20% restocking fee of ready-made items.  With custom orders specific to your request (made just for you or your order) no refund nor restocking is applicable since we never stocked the item.

Customs and import taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

Payment Options


Secure options through PayPal include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Debit Cards
  • Paypal (Direct through Website)

Secure options through ZellePay include:

  • Direct bank deposit (Direct & cash)

In Person or By Phone

Secure options by phone include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal Email Billing
  • Cash
  • ZellePay

Unpaid Balances

On all custom orders (specific to your measurements or requirements/requests), a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Notification is sent out when the garment is complete. Final payment is required within 30 days of the completion notice. If the order has not been paid in full after the 30 days, the merchandise will be be put up for sale to recoup any and all unpaid balances.

Lay-Away Plan

There is no extra or hidden fees to use our Lay-Away Plan.

Our Lay-Away Plan is a 90-day option to pay on ready-made items for those ordering $300 or more of merchandise..  A 25% non-refundable deposit is due upon order; a 25% non-refundable payment is due at 30 days; a 25% non-refundable payment is due at 60 days; and the final 25% is due at 90 days.

All Lay-Away customers are set up with a billing schedule, and you will receive a billing via email with each installment.  It is up to the lay-away customer to make their payments timely and to notify us if there are any changes to their email or mailing address.  Our lay-away plan is flexible!  We can bill you weekly or bi-monthly (every 15 days) should that be a better option for you.

Lay-Away merchandise will be sent when the order is paid in full.

Our products are taken off-sale and held for you, please make your payments timely.  We expect you to pay on the due date or before. Late payments after five (5) days beyond the installment due date incur a $15 late fee; after 15 days, your lay-away items are put back into inventory and monies paid are forfeited.

Alternate schedules and amounts for Lay-Away must be agreed to and approved by us before set up.  Everything is dependent upon the commitments in our studio.

Fluctuations in Weight/Measurements

Fluctuations in measurements due to growth and/or weight gain or loss should be considered when giving us your measurements.  We are not responsible for the fit of the garments due to incorrect measurements given, marked fluctuations due to growth, or weight fluctuations that affect size that is different from measurements taken or given at the time of the order. Please ask us for the password on our measurements page, and if you still do not know how measurements are taken, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to walk you through it via video chat while you are measuring.  Products that are made to your specs must have measurements taken correctly.  We are not responsible for fit issues when inaccurate measurements  are provided.  We are only happy to provide ample straps to be let out or taken in, whichever the case may be.

Returns, Exchanges & Fittings

Custom made products cannot be returned.  No refunds.  The deposit on your custom order is used to purchase, secure, or reserve goods needed to fulfill your order, and your order has been placed in the queue.  Deposits are non-refundable.  However if you change your mind about ordering, within 12 hours of your order OR the commencement your project procurement, whichever comes first, we accept cancellations.  You must request a cancellation in writing within 12 hours of purchase of placing your order OR  prior to commencement of your projects’ procurement of textiles and supplies, whichever comes first.
Upon local fitting  or return of remote fitting, this is a sign of approval if no changes have been requested.  Changes that are the result of the fitting must be documented i.e. in text communications or if in person, notated on the order.  If no changes are requested, it is a sign of approval of work to date.  We strongly recommend remote customers run their performance piece in costume before sending the fitting back. Any changes that involve redesigning part of the costume may incur a change order fee plus materials to accommodate the new design.  
It is the customers’ responsibility to get design approval with whomever approves costumes at your local studio.  We recommend running the design rendering by them, and for remote customers, we recommend that you run the performance piece in “fitting costume”  with the studio director or choreographer.
We don’t accept returns or exchanges.  Not only are many of our products custom, they are “specialty” items, therefore, they cannot be returned.  As with swimwear and lingerie purchases, our items are not returnable due to hygienic reasons.
But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.  We want you to be as excited as we are about your LSC order!




Deposit is considered agreement to the following terms & conditions:

  • Change Orders
    • Change orders are changes in the selection of items purchased specifically for your project, the design, or redirection of the project's final outcome.
    • Along with a change order fee, there may be additional line items added to accommodate additional labor and materials to accommodate the change(s).
  • Terms - Delivery
    • When we are available to process your order within time line discussed and agreed upon as the suggested delivery date, we cannot be responsible for delays that may be experienced due to customer change orders, customer unavailability for communications, or delivery by a third party (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx). Third party delays may include, but are not limited to: inclement weather, volcanic eruption, terrorism, theft, etc.
  • Terms - Deposit
    • Deposits and all monies paid toward a custom product are NOT refundable. From the moment you place your deposit, work is performed toward your custom product, from ordering fabrics, supplies, rhinestones, and any other items; renderings are drawn; patterns are created. Your money is spent, so NO refunds.
  • Terms - Earnest
    • Until your deposit is paid, your quote is not considered an earnest agreement. You will have either 48 hours to make your deposit or until other orders are accepted, which dismiss your order...whichever occurs first.
    • We have several orders at any given time. Orders are dynamic, and our schedule is dynamic to accommodate orders with deposits.
    • We offer a 60-90 minute intro, which usually gives us an idea of timeline, budget, proclivities, and style if known.
  • Terms - Measurements
    • Measurements are taken by us only for local customers who commission our custom services. Measurements for remote customes is up to the customer to take accurate and current measurements. We can assist with that via a scheduled video chat appointment, and we also have a log-in instructional measurements page. Please do not miss your measurement appointment as this may result in a charge.
    • In the case of incorrect measurements, growth, weight gain, and weight loss, we are not responsible for the costume fit.
  • Terms - Payments
    • Payments start with the non-refundable deposit.  
    • All work and materials to date must be paid for in full before a costume is sent out for fitting.  This may result in an additional partial payment due.
    • Final Payment is due upon completion of costume or costumes. If the balance remains unpaid after 30 days of completion notice, costume may be sold to recoup unpaid balance.
  • Terms - Pricing Discount
    • Cash direct can be either cash or ZellePay/QuickPay. 
    • PayPal has a discount structure from our Etsy pricing.. 
    • Etsy has no discounts.     
    • Customer's choice as to how paid.
  • Terms - Progress 
    • Progress reports are regular communications with us.  When we send you a progress report and have no feedback, it is understood that you are in agreement with everything to date.  Otherwise, please comment immediately. Failure to do so may require reversing several steps, which will be charged to your invoice as a change order.
  • Terms - Taxes & Customs
    • If you are out-of-state (not California), you are responsible for any local or federal taxes due as a result of this sale.
    • If you are outside of the United States Of America, you are responsible for any customs due and any taxes due as a result of this sale.
    • Taxes or customs vary by state, municipality, and country.