Gianmarco S.

On Our Own Custom Dance Costume


There are not enough positive things that I can say about Lona!
From the very beginning, she was professional and diligent, and committed to giving me exactly what I wanted. She listened, (even watched a video of my daughter’s solo!), and clearly communicated her thoughts and actions every single step of the way. She updated me, daily, throughout the process and surprisingly, completed my daughter’s costume in approximately a week’s time. It was clear from the beginning that this is a woman with a passion.

I shop online frequently and never have I ever experienced anything that remotely resembles this.

I haven’t even mentioned the beauty and quality of the costume! Breathtaking in both person and on stage, my daughter Gigi, received so many compliments throughout her competition season. Every judge had something to say about her costume. Five months later, it now looks exactly as it did when it arrived-not a single jewel out of place. Lona even thought of adding adjustments to accommodate my daughter’s possible growth!

Next stop is Vegas, and I can honestly say that I will be sad to retire this costume. The good news…I will never have anyone else make a costume for my daughter but Lona and I am excited to work with her again.
Lona Smith is a truly a one of a kind and it was an absolute pleasure. —Gianmarco S.

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