Misty P.

Ride Ending Pose


Lona can make anything your heart desires with dance costumes! Your measurements custom-made, your performance needs, your artistry all expressed in one beautiful piece. Lona can put her talents into embellishments for you as well. She has made costumes, training and performance gear and embellished a catalog ordered piece to make it extra special. She will work with you every step of the way; even makes trips to LA to pick up great items specifically for you! (Yelp)

Amazing custom made ContenderWear! We have had the amazing opportunity to work with Lona to make my little dancer’s dreams come true with great dance pieces! From her combo class days in Recital, to tumbling leotards and now amazing solo costumes! All made with great attention to detail, collaboration with design and her amazing artistry! (FaceBook)

Baby Face
Baby Face
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