Deposit: Feathered Hot Mess Dance Apparel™ Custom Costume Base (Sans-Rhinestones)

$ 275.00

You are placing a DEPOSIT on a to-be-made custom costume base, not necessarily the ones in the photos as it will be designed to meet your criteria.  The  minimum deposit is shown.  The deposit is not the entire payment for the costume.  You will be billed for the balance. It is a deposit. Your balance due will include the balance of costume, cost of change orders & modifications during the process (if any), plus shipping & insurance (if shipped), and tax if you live in California.  Items will be released when paid in full.

You should secure confirmation that we can do a particular look within your budget BEFORE placing a deposit as deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Please see our brand comparison chart: CLICK HERE 

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