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Custom Costume Services start with you…

Sorry Custom Dance Costume
Custom Dance Costume bases 2 piece for trio
Let's Go Fly A Kite/Suffragettes
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Custom Costuming Full Service with Accessories


ContenderWear™ is our top of the line costuming service.  It includes a custom designed, hand-made costume complete with matching accessories and rhinestoned to the hilt.

Plain Brown Label™

PBL brand is also costumes that come stage ready.  The supplies used in PBL brands are geared toward a more stringent budget.  

PBL costumes can be either custom or semi-custom, and for the semi-custom option, we do work with separates or bases provided by our customers.

HotMess Dance Apparel™

HMDA costume ensembles are sans rhinestones, usually for contemporary dance pieces.  Each item is billed separately for HMDA as it is also our brand for costume bases.

Costume Ride by ContenderWear

 Mademoiselle Roro in her Ride costume
by ContenderWear™

Costume Embellishments & Working with Your Base or Separates

Turn To Stone Semi-Custom Dance Costume for Groups

We added to customer provided separates for a cohesive look under our HotMess Dance Apparel™ label.

Plain Brown Label™

Customer provides bases or separate item(s) for a cohesive, fluid effect throughout the costume that we also rhinestone.


HotMess Dance Apparel™

Customer provides bases or separate item(s) for a cohesive, fluid effect throughout the costume.  Sometimes customer also supplies some of the embellishments, and we apply them.  HMDA is sans-rhinestones.


Costume Bases for Dance

HotMess Dance Apparel™

HMDA are costume bases and/or separates sans-rhinestones.

Sweet Charity Tracy

Mademoiselle T performing Sweet Charity
in HotMess Dance Apparel™


Alterations for Mademoiselle R, a mega tapper

HotMess Dance Apparel™

Plain Brown Label™

Alterations & rhinestoning services, making your costume over-the-top stage-ready.

HotMess Dance Apparel™

Alterations services for dance costumes and separates intended to use for dance.


Minor alterations for wedding party attire and prom dresses.


Formals – Prom, Wedding, Special Event Garments


Sleek & Sexy, Custom & Handmade

Our formals and wedding wear are sleek and made of stretch, when we made them for our customers from concept to finished garment.

Other Projects

We are not afraid of projects that are different and outside of the box.  Bring it on!



Custom Basketball themed SKirt

Mademoiselle C supporting her now husband’s favorite pastime in LSC NuptialWear™

We do have a few ready-made costumes & These here are Discounted