The Process

How To Go About Ordering A Custom Made-To-Order Costume For Your Performer

Custom Costume Services start with you…

Tears In Heaven A ContenderWear Original
Rock Candy by ContenderWear

Step 1: Contact Us

We will discuss…

  • Your ideas & specifics that you want/dance style & music
  • Your budget
  • Your timeline
  • Your dancer’s/competitor’s general size

From our discussion, we can determine if we can meet your custom or semi-custom dance costume expectations within your timeline & budget.

Hannah Colin in Winter by ContenderWear

Hannah Colin in “Winter” costume by ContenderWear™

Step 2: Deposit & Scheduling Handmade Custom Dance Costumes

California Dreaming

Shy in California Dreaming by ContenderWear™

Custom Dance Costume Deposit

We prepare a formal line item quote based on the payment vehicle you choose.  Best rates are cash/same-as-cash or you may choose PayPal. Please note that PayPal does not have the same discount structure as cash/same-as-cash.

If it is your first costume with us, you may want to use PayPal.  Either way, we need your email address to bill you for a deposit.

The quote pricing is not official until you lock it in with a deposit. You will have about 24 hours to accept the quote.  At very busy times, we have multiple quotes out and about.  Whoever pays the deposit for a specific timeslot first, gets it.  It pays to plan ahead. Some of our customers book in January with costume scheduled for September-January.

Step 3: Rendering, Measurements, Procurement

Design Rendering

We create a generalized design rendering for reference & share it with you.

Measurements for Dance Costumes

You receive a password to access our measurements page. It has detailed instructions to take specific measurements of your dancer/competitor. We are happy to assist via video chat.

There are specific measurements required for different styles of costumes.  Accurate measurements are essential for a great fit.

Local Southern California residents may want to schedule their measurements in person with us.

Procurement of Materials

We procure materials needed to create your masterpiece, starting from the time we receive your deposit.  Sharing options & progress with you as we go.  

Dance Costume Separates for Production Number

Shake Senora Production Separates
by HotMess Dance Apparel™

Step 4: Production & Fitting

Contemporary Duet

Brooke & Eva in their duet costumes
by HotMess Dance Apparel™ (leo, leggings, cuffs, choker) 

Production of Your Custom Dance Costume

Patterns are created for your costume, and the pieces are cut out.
Assembly of your custom costume begins.

Fitting Custom Costumes: Local & Remote

Costumes are shipped to remote customers for a fitting. Upon receipt, we schedule a video chat with you & your performer, wearing the costume & pinning areas as needed.  You return the costume to us.

Local customers do fittings in person, on an appointment basis.

Step 5: Finalize Costume

Finish Assembly

We complete the costume as soon as the fitting is done, and for remote customers, when we receive it back. Everything is finalized to your fitting tweaks, if any.  Throughout the costuming process variations arise, and you are given the options of your choosing.  We want you to be as thrilled with & excited about your handmade custom costume as we are.

Baubles & Rhinestones

Rhinestones are added along with other decorative embellishments.

Shipping Finished Product

The finished masterpiece is shipped to out-of-area customers when the invoice is paid in full. Local customers make an appointment to pick up their costume, pay the balance, and have a mini-photoshoot.


Please be sure to read our agreement terms at checkout or click TERMS.

Rise Up Custom Dance Costume

Becca in “Rise Up” 
by ContenderWear™