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Costume Fittings

Fittings, as a dictionary term: The act of trying on clothes whose fit is being adjusted.

How do remote fittings work?

When we get far enough along on your costume (or costumes), we send it so that your performer can try it on.  This is usually at a stage where straps are adjusted to the performer’s preference and any optional items are sent if they have been part of our talks. 

Many of our customers prefer a snug fit.  It gives them a feeling of security that they can “feel” the costumes’ coverage. A fitting is important because not all like their straps at the same settings, or snug fit.  While most prefer snug, there are some who prefer a loose fit.

Once you receive the costume, you make an appointment with us to meet via video chat so that we can see the fit as well as walk through any questions that you may have.

Video calls/chats are not recorded.  At the conclusion of the remote fitting appointment, you will receive a text outlining any decisions that were made during the video session, and you should review them and make any changes at this point.  We ask that you give a separate text of approval or correction for our record. A thumbs up, down, heart, or other emoticon will not suffice as they can be removed or changed.  This holds true to any decision making questions that we we ask you via text throughout the costuming process.

Local in-person fittings

Local to the Southern California area usually schedule their fittings in person.  It’s simple enough:

  1. Schedule the appointment
  2. Show up at the appointment with your dancer

About Appointments

Your time is important, and our time is important.  We ask that you give thought to the time and date of your appointment.  If you choose to change your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment, there may be a one month waiting period before you will be able to make another.  If waiting a month is not in your costume-need time-frame, we may be able to reschedule you for a $25 fee but only if our workload allows for it.  We suggest that you DO NOT MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT.

This policy began during a time when we had some customers who did not value our time: one changed their appointment upwards of about a dozen times; Another gave a medical excuse, but later it was revealed that they were actually at  a party; and so on.  None of them valued our time.

We make special arrangements to prepare for our appointments whether they are in person or via video chat. Preparation may include having at the ready necessary tools & accessories, reviewing your costume order, setting up a changing area for local customers, being prepared to take notes and give instructions and offering options. This prep has to be redone with each last minute reschedule or no-show.  So if you didn’t keep your appointment, we really don’t want to waste time setting up for another one in the immediate future.

In the end, your time is only as important to us as ours is to you.

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