It’s about the fit…

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Aim: Smooth Fit

When you have a custom order from us, we want you to experience a good fit.  The garment is made to your or your dancer’s measurements to a Tee.  Straps are finalized so that the performer feels “snug” yet comfortable in their garment.  

There are some customers who request a larger costume than the measurements of the performer, usually citing growth.  We discourage this, offer other solutions, but ultimately, it is the customer who pays the bill, and if they want a larger costume, that is their call.  These same customers may not be happy with the fit at completition; after all, it was created for a larger body…a ficticious measurement expected in 9-12 months.  Altering the finished costume is not within the parameters of a new custom costume order.  It is a separate order for alterations services and only if time permits.

Our customers pay hard-earned money to get a great product.  Let us do our work with our methodology, offering suggestions to accommodate your concerns.  We have decades of experience!

Custom Feathered Costume Base
From This Moment Custom Dance Costume

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