On-Time Production of Costumes

Shyla Soldier

Our MO Is Not A Mystery

You will find our approach up-front and with minimal surprises.

Example of a “Surprise”

Recently, we have seen outages in fabrics due to container ships not being able to dock and unload, creating a logistics concern for materials that may be needed for costuming. This was a situation brought about by a pandemic and not having enough workers to man the docs, trucks, etc.  We are happy to report though that this has not hampered our production.  Most of our customers place their deposit long in advance of their costume production booking, which enables us to gather supplies as soon as a concept of a costume is known.  Additionally, we have a HUGE assortment of new fabrics, trims, and rhinestones, which are offered to our peeps. Ordering specifics from our in-house items is at a discount.

Limited Bookings

Each year, we take a very restrictive number of bookings, which are opened in January; they are called “Early Bird Bookings.” These bookings are available at a fraction of the normal amount to book a costume. Deposits for bookings both hold your spot and go toward your costume total cost.  With advance notice, booking deposits can be held over for a year, but they are non-refundable.

We are extremely careful with the number of bookings we take and do not overbook beyond our capacity.  Our goal is to offer exemplary service to and a quality product for our clients.  We aim to include our clients of made-to-order custom and semi-custom costumes in choices and decision making throughout the costuming process.



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Floating Bookings: Waitlist

Todate, we have always completed our agreed upon projects ahead of schedule.  Due to this efficiency, we have in the past been able to offer additional bookings that will be worked on i.e. when costumes are out for fittings, waiting for supplies, or decisions. These are called floating bookings as their production date floats around our regularly scheduled bookings. For 2022, the floating appointments will be offered via a “Waitlist” booking; however, they will be managed in the same way as the floating appointments: around existing solidified bookings tied to specific dates.

Scope of our peeps

Our hobby of sewing for peeps extended beyond our immediate family around 2002.  We officialy named our first brand in 2013, and we are still costuming many of our original dance family members to this day.  The scope stretches around the world and our family includes dancers, gymnasts, cosplayers, figure skaters, swimmers, sun bathers, brides & bridal parties.  

To sum it up…

Returning customers, our people, who know our quality and the name-brand, world-renowned embellishments that go into their masterpiece are a testament to our products.

Bookings to choose from include:
Plain Brown Label© (Custom)
Plain Brown Label© (Semi-Custom)

And occassionally may include:
HotMess Dance Apparel©

Customs RTS

Each year, we make several ContenderWear© and Plain Brown Label© brand costumes in various sizes.  All are unique and one-of-a-kind and are for sale in our stores.

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